Share Your World ~ 6/22/20

Rules and Ping Back.    Thanks Melanie for hosting.  Very interesting focus today.  For some reason I hear this …


Have you ever ‘dined and dashed” (i.e. eaten the meal and then run out the restaurant door without paying)? No but my friend Lisa Anne would hang back after a meal when we all got up to leave or pretend she left something at the table then she’d go back and take the tip her parents left for our meal.

Have you ever been in a car accident and either left the scene of the accident (providing it was a fender bender and not serious) or denied culpability for causing it when you did, (if it were minor or serious)? Yes but was just me in my car; reached down changing the radio station and bump … looked up to see the fire hydrant.  I just left the scene.  When I got home, I saw my car bumper had a small ding. I was going slow and pretty sure I didn’t hurt the hydrant.   Of course I will never know.

(Oldie which has been asked many times before)   Have you ever found a wallet or purse or some money (over $20) in the street and just taken it, thinking ‘finders keepers, losers weepers?   Or would you be ‘good’ and hand it in?  I have never found a wallet but I have gone back to return money if I was given too much change 🙂

What was the last thing you stole or shoplifted?   If you never ever considered doing that, tell us your secret!  An Orange Crush t-shirt.  I was in 7th grade and hanging out with Lisa Anne.  You know her as the tip thief.  LOL

We were quite the crime ring trio that day.  Lisa took Old Spice cologne and a necklace.  Not being strong enough to say no, I took the shirt when she goaded me to pocket something. The third party with us was Lisa’s next door neighbor Jean.  She did not take anything but held the necklace until we left the store.

Jean is how we got caught by calling her bff  to spill the beans.  She didn’t realize that her mom was listening on the other line.  Lisa’s and my parents got the phone call and we went over to Lisa’s house to discuss.

I’ll never forget being in her living room.  Sitting back to back on the ottoman.  I can still hear her mom saying “Why did you steal your Dad’s Father’s Day gift??!?  You had $17 in your purse!!!”

Next day we were taken back to Woolworth.  I returned the shirt and she returned the cologne and necklace.  We apologized while the manager took the items back.  He banned us from the store 😦  No police involved.  Woolworth had the best soda foundation too.  Five years later when I worked in the mall, I’d go there for french fries and a Coke.

Gratitude. My gratitude is for finally catching to clue to let go … Work last week was better than it had been in quite some time.  Why?  I control what I can and the only thing I have influence over is my attitude.  Everything else is up for grabs …  That’s freeing y’all.

As always, more to come.


15 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 6/22/20

  1. Thanks so much for Sharing Your World!! It sounds like you had your moral compass set in the right direction, but got snagged a little bit by peer pressure (which we’ve all experienced). Letting go of negative stuff is very very freeing indeed! Congratulations on finding your way to doing that! 🙂

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