Random Thoughts Turned Into Rambling

Larry McMurtry who is Mr. Cowboy as in “Lonesome Dove Series” also wrote “Terms of Endearment” as part of his Houston series. Who knew he could so seamlessly cross genres?? Or maybe he did not make such a stretch since astronauts are like cowboys in some ways. Space cowboys … get it? Ha! Wacky mind. I slay me.

Any Hoo. Did y’all see Space X Falcon 9? I did and thought the launch was beyond super cool. The Crew Dragon was en route. <Gasp>

Lift Off

I would never ever even if you paid me take a trip to Mars but the idea that future generations may travel to another planet is comforting in a surrealistic scary sort of way. Space the final frontier!!! To go where no one has gone before!!

Back to Larry. And “Terms of Endearment”. I channel my best Shirley where Lulu is concerned.


We had a come to Jesus talk without yelling or screaming, only quiet tears. We opened up room for dialog that had been repressed. I, for one felt good afterwards. Her? Well, she might be like sweet little Teddy. And for that my heart breaks again.

So maybe I don’t feel good? We are entering uncharted territory. I don’t want to mess this up.

Wish us luck!

As always, more to come.