Share Your World ~ 6/15/20

Rules and Ping Back.   Thanks Melanie for hosting 🙂


What do you think of professional motivational speakers?  Do you think they motivate? Depends on the topic they are peddling. And yes I am letting my opinion slip as peddling has a not so nice connotation.  Used cars salesman like.  And cue “Little Miss Sunshine”.  The Greg Kinnear character and his steps to enlightenment.  If you haven’t seen the movie, watch it sometime.  He was selling dreams of fulfillment and unfulfilled himself.   Art imitates life sometimes.  Not to say ALL professional motivational speakers are unfulfilled because there are no absolutes.

 Do you have a favorite flavor? Cherry

While out walking, you hear a rustling in some bushes.  What do you think of? Bear!  Seriously, Colorado has bears going into populated areas these days.  A friend of a friend shared an article on FB.  No bears in my neighborhood but anything rustling in bushes would cause a panic attack.  I’d probably scream like a little girl :).  It is why I walk with my gig.   I am constantly on “do you want some fire scarecrow” mode as I am out and about.

What’s your ideal temperature (nature-wise)?   Hot, cold, temperate and mild, humid or bone dry? Mild.  If I could duplicate the weather in Lompoc CA and push that to Texas, I would.  The weather is so nice, the homes are not always built with A/C because they rarely have to use it.  Sitting on the patio at night, talking with family around and small fire pit in July.  Priceless.