Friday Reflections ~ 6/12/20

whew …

that’s the sound of my breath leaving my mouth as I practice from a mediation series video #3.  My company put these together during COVID to help us deal with the situation.  There is a whole host of activities to choose from and each come with points.

This carrot and stick kinda gal loves some incentives.  I have already reached 2,000 points which means that I earned the highest percentage off health insurance premiums.  If I keep accumulating to 3,000 points, I will earn a water bottle.  I wrote here that I thought I’d stop but I found out the water bottle counts steps.  What the what!  I have to have one of those bad boys.  lol

whew …

I was talking with a friend of mine … Can you hear Mr. Petty in the background?

We have much to talk about these days

When I wrote this, I experienced a fire storm

I was told by well meaning “friends” that I was a traitor

Seriously Meredith Grey?

The two of them (now former friends) went on to tell me I was demeaning and somehow saying I have white privilege is like saying I think I am better than …

Well hell sister, that could not be further from the truth!!!

Me?  Better than??  No way.  Not even close

I blame myself for EVERYTHING!

The hole in the ozone? My fault for using Aquanet in the 70’s to get my Farrah Fawcett wings.  I’m so not worthy … just like Wayne and Garth.  Not making light of the situation mind you.  Humor is how I try to deal.

For the record, all I meant and what I feel is that I have never personally experienced discrimination for the color of my skin.  And who would know better than me, what I have experienced?  No one that’s who.

With a hand over my heart (technique learned in the resilience series) I say I wish you a peaceful #free48.

As always, more to come.