Property Tax Protest 2020 ~ The COVID Edition

Hello folks.  The time of year has rolled around again and Bexar country appraisal district otherwise known as BCAD is asking to me the formal.  Ya know the “dance” as a nod to basketball.  Though somehow the appeal seems more wrestling like than dancing.  Of course we all know now how wrestling was choreographed.  Guess this is a toe-MA-toe, ta-mah-toe non-debate.  This IS a racket, that is what this IS!!!!! @&@%^&!*@&@^*

Oh the profanity in those characters.

The following links are from 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Protest Play by Play Part Deuce

Ma’am Are You An Agent?

Not sure why I didn’t write about the fun I had in 2018 but maybe I skipped over that year because protesting the value is mind numbing.  I blocked the festivities from my memory. Yeah, that has to be why.

Due to COVID, two interesting twists have occurred. First, no face to face interviews.  Second, no evidence packets.  Not that I want to suit up and go into their offices but I can be very persuasive having WON three years in a row.  Someone better damn call me!!  Also if they cannot provide me with their evidence, then we have to win right??

Alright, I feel a little better.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Nothing to do but wait.  Good times I tell ya.

As always, more to come.