Perks of living in the country are numerable. A draw back though is people who dump their pets. Today this sweetie wandered onto our place. The mister gave it water because who couldn’t in this early heatwave. I’ve posted all the virtual signs. Hoping the owner has a change of hearts and comes back.

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Added the good news Post Script

This morning Lulu and I took our usually walk. Our new doggie trotted along with us. We were about half way down the street when the brown boxer (a prior dumped stray that our neighbors adopted) spots us. We turned back and Mr. Boxer was in hot pursuit. Sacribleu, I’m too old for this sH!t. I haven’t moved that fast in 35 years. LOL.

He stopped at the mailbox thank you Jesus but you could tell he wanted to cross the property line. All the while our boys are howling. We get inside and the barking continues. Until eventually all is calm and she’s sleeping on the back porch.

Now for the best news ever!!! We will have safe morning walks again because K took the dog. She didn’t want to leave and kept going back to B but once he came inside, she got into the truck with 1/2 a sandwich and off they went. I am so happy that she has a forever home.

All’s well that ends well.


#1linerWeds. 6/10/20

Staying with corny …

“I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not sure.”


I used to make decisions for a living.  Risk management they called it aka underwriting.  Those types of business decisions I can make all day every day without hesitation.  But ask me if I’d rather have chocolate or vanilla … well we might be here a while. Or pick from a menu.  Hmm why can’t they make sampler platters 🙂

Happy Wednesday folks!! Hope it’s a good one.  Looking forward to the weekend shenanigans.  

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