#JusJoJan 01/06/20

Welcome to another edition of #JusJoJan. Today the word is possibility. I’m the lucky winner whose one word made it into the prompt list. My handle is “J-Dubs’s Grin and Bear It”.  10/4 good buddies.  🙂

If you’d like to join in all the fun that is #JusJoJan, here is our esteemed host Linda’s rules and ping back https://lindaghill.com/2020/01/06/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-6th-2020/

Oh the places you will go! ala Dr. Seuss. Unlimited options or potential. Imagine it if you will … the possibilities.

The kids and B did their DNA testing in December and results are coming in. I’d done mine some years before because … well because princess is special. The kits aren’t cheap and they had no need. Truth be told I had no need either.

This DNA stuff is fun fun! Oh the possibility. Or maybe I’m misusing my own word. Maybe probability is more in order. Wait, possibility and probability are synonymous. We’re good.

Meanwhile my thought bubble goes “And the DNA results show John Doe! You are not the father!” With all this down time over the holidays, we’ve been watching too much trash TV. Next on Maury … Anyhoo, let’s continue.

Lulu’s results came back first. Lulu is 2% Indigenous Americas North and 1% Indigenous Americas Mexico. She gets that from her grandpa who has 13%. As we wait for B and Pony’s results to come in we kicked around the idea of what if B is 99.9% Indigenous America’s? Pony and Lulu claim it could happen.

Me: That’s not possible. How? Isn’t it always less percent than the parents?

Pony: It’s like this … what DNA you pass on is a roll of the dice. Say PoPo gave 100% of his 13% to dad. Could happen. It’s a possibility. Maybe not likely but possible. Then Dad would be all Indigenous Americas.

Pony continued: Wait that’s not possible because we have to factor in MoMo. He could be 50% as he chuckles.

I love my kids’ laughs <3. There’s no sweeter sound I tell ya! MoMo by the way is 97% Eastern European split between Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Me: Ok but then why wouldn’t your sister have more that 1 or 2%?

Pony: Same … roll the dice plus we have to factor in you.

See, what’s possible and how DNA works is fascinating!

Happy Monday folks!

24 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 01/06/20

  1. I would love to do it next time the kits are on sale, just to see what comes up. I never knew my sire, so no telling! My biological grandmother had American Indian in her according to my mom. Thanks for visiting my too!

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  2. I, too, am fascinated by DNA. I bought a couple of kits for Christmas gifts. There was a big hoopla in December because Gedmatch was sold o a company that supports law enforcement DNA searches. We have only scratched the surface.

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  3. DNA is weird stuff. It’s a double strand, and each sperm and egg cell has one strand in it. When they get together, they have to shift around and adjust themselves until both strands are connected before the person starts developing. Richard Dawkins talks about it in “The Selfish Gene,” if you really want to confuse yourself…

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  4. Never thought about doing it for us but did think about doing it for Benny because he is a rescue dog and while we thing he is Brittany Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier mix, it might be nice to know for sure. Then I saw how much it costs and I really don’t care THAT much!

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  5. Just yesterday there was a piece on CBS Sunday Morning about unexpected DNA matches, including an accidently switched at birth story which happened in the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Now, this man has two families to love.

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