Making Headway on A2Z

Look at me being all new and everything.  I pick the modernized version of the badge for this post’s featured photo.  I am still spreading the word.  Sign up now!  Before April 1st.  No fooling.  Corny but I love saying that.

I have written .34615384461538462 percent of my posts.  Hey! Math geniuses … ya you.  I’m talking to you … all Bob De Niro-ish.  Can you guess the number that equates to?  I am not being flippant.  I know someone out there … or several someones can take a look and bam! give the answer. Math is not now and never has been my strong suit.

And while I am at it.  Here is a plug for WRiTE Club.  Sharing this link again.  Be sure to Z Zip on over to main stage.

As always, more to come.


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