I’ve got this brittle bone thing going on and I am afraid the death of the medication. Because you know Big Pharma and all those quacks.  I am not sure who or what to trust.  Mr. Google and Web MD are crazy makers.  Instead I suffer in silence until I have to scream it hurts by golly you’ve no idea how much it hurts.

As always, more to come.


14 thoughts on “Ache

    1. My only secrets are the ones I don’t write about. You can always ask me anything. 😃. I have osteoporosis. Which isn’t supposed to hurt. No cure. Not fatal either. And today with the rains came aches worse than usual.

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      1. It hurts. My sister has it. They told her it shouldn’t but like what happened to you, in certain weather, or over exertion it bothers her. They found out what has been wrong with me. Great news is doc says I’m going to live forever. Not so great news what I have is like mononucleosis times 10, except I’m not contagious, no swollen glands. Ya for that :):) They don’t know much about it, what they know is conflicting, and nothing they can do. Aren’t me and you a pair hehehe.

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      2. Hahaha yeah they discovered this stuff in the 1960’s and since everybody(95% of population) has it but “normal” people it just hangs around dormant. So, they aren’t really trying to figure it out. hehehe I have to laugh about it, you know. Doc said, “days you feel good, do what you want. Days you feel bad, do the best you can”

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