I Know It Is Gross So Don’t Look!!

Made you look!

My Eyes!!! My friend said to me.  I cannot unsee your burn.  That’s gross Jill.  No one wanted to see that.  So I said “well you know, there is this thing called scroll.  Slide on by mister.  Or quit following me/un-friend me for fuck’s sake”.

Uh yeah, you know I didn’t say that.  Instead I apologized.  I even almost deleted my post.

My intention was to warn would be oatmeal eaters in F cafe extension.

He said my intention was attention seeking. WTF but ya know … hmmm.  Maybe I was? kind of? sort of? not really!

I don’t want your attention!  I want free oatmeal for life from F cafe.  I want them to cater to my every need when I stroll on in there.  All hail princess J-Dub!

Pop! Bubble burst! Too bad 😦

Seriously folks.  Do you know what I thought when this happened?  First, shock at how bad it hurt.  Second, disbelief and just be calm.  Third, clean up the mess.  Fourth, pay for your oatmeal.  Fifth, go to the bathroom and run cold water on my hand.  Sixth, scratch that and instead haul ass to the nurse.

While in the room being seen, I was thinking that I deserved to be burned.  I was distracted.  I was rushing.  I was thinking mean thoughts.  This accident was something that was supposed to happen; telling me to slow my roll and take a chill pill. Telling me to be a better person.

Anyhoo, I will dispense with the pictures.  I am still taking a day by day snap in case I need evidence later.  You know for my free oatmeal case.  Maybe I will put up a final once I am healed?

As always, more to come.


8 thoughts on “I Know It Is Gross So Don’t Look!!

  1. Oh my gosh…sorry to hear of your ordeal! I’m hoping the pain has subsided…all I can think is how “heavy” and sticky oatmeal is…I hate to think of it clinging as it burned. Take care my friend!

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    1. Oatmeal is close to porridge I believe. I like it in the winter when it’s cold and then in the summer I switch to cold cereal. Multigrain Cheerios or Crispix. Yummy!


  2. I’ve seenmuch worse. Not trying to say that doesn’t hurt- because OW-WEEE! It does. But I don’t agree with those who were bothered by the images. PS – i regret I haven’t been on sooner. BEST BURN TREATMENT EVER: peppermint essential oil and white fir essential oil. Equal amounts. Aim for every 4 hours for the first 24. If you can sleep through the pain, don’t worry about it. But that essential oil would heal it up right quick.

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    1. You’re exactly right. This could’ve been worse. I’m over the hard part. Good to know about the essential oils. Not that I’m planning to do this again but at least I’ll know. Thanks!


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