Nacho Mama’s Silly Putty

B: What are you laughing about?

Me: I’ve been released from O/T

Me continued: Now I’m gonna argue my bill since I won’t have to see them again.

You see folks on 1/23, 1/30 and today I didn’t get the massage. Sure I got my favorite corn husker heat but that’s not a massage. And at $37 a pop, I’m gonna raise a little cane.

My measurements were taken. All but one was equivalent to my right side now. The one that didn’t quite make it is flexion but the difference between left and right was negligible.

Sending me off with more at home exercises and pink silly putty does not offset $37 x 3 or $111. See I can do math. Game on!

Oh and my appointment with the doc on 2/8 as final follow up is scheduled for 5 minutes. I’m very curious what code that’ll be. More cane could be coming. 💥

As always more to come.

Happy Heavenly Birthday

I feel a novella coming on …

Today 2/1/18 would have been my Mamaw’s 112th birthday. We lost her to stomach cancer in October of 1987.  Not a day goes by where I do not think of her at least once.

Born in 1906, she lived through the Depression and all the major life events up until her passing.  She was the 2nd oldest of five siblings who grew up on a farm in Seguin TX.  They did not have much in the way of material items but they made up for that in heart and soul.

She did everything from scratch to include making her own clothes.  I remember sitting at the foot of her pedal push sewing machine while she made my Easter dresses.  She was a working wife and mother long before that was the norm.  Her primary job was at Lackland Air Force Base as headmistress of the nursery/daycare.

Each year on her birthday she and her sisters – L, E and V would get together for lunch and then play either cards or dominos afterwards. They celebrated like this for each sister – the honoree aka birthday girl was always the hostess making her own birthday meal and cake. A bit unusual that the honoree did all the work on her special day instead of the other way around but that was their thing.

I got to participate in the festivities for my grandma and my great-aunts many times over the years.  Right up until I started working.  Today I am strolling down memory lane – picturing the games of Shoot the Moon and 42 – smiling ear to ear as I can just see all of us crowded around Mamaw’s tiny kitchen table.  Remembering them all with such fondness and love!!

My feature photo of her is from the Highland Park Lutheran Church directory.  A blurry picture of a picture.  That I love just the same.

As always, more to come.