Funny Math and Other Afflictions

Math first.

I got semi-bad news on 1/31/18 and knew exercise was the cure.

That day I walked the requisite 30 minutes.  Where? Around our place – almost 5 acres.  5200 steps.

On 2/1/18, I walked the requisite 30 minutes lapping my 9th floor work abode.  I only got 4900 steps.

Today, 30 more minutes (15 at both places).  I got 5050 steps.

I kid you not … funny math miracle!!

I am sure it is a Mandela effect or some such effect that the step differences had to do with geography.  Now I am just making stuff up.  LOL 🙂

Get your calculators out boys and girls.  Which is the best way to walk to get optimal results??  There has to be a scientific formula.  Share here if you are so inclined.

Re: Other Afflictions – The results are in!

  1. I have osteoporosis in my left femur and neck (and possibly left hip).
  2. I have osteopenia in my spine (was previously left hip only).
  3. I am pre-diabetic

Yay!  ME!!!

Little stressed out so I am going off the grid.  Just for tonight.  I cannot stay away.

I’d drown my sorrows in wine if I didn’t think it would leach already precious calcium from my bones.  No more coffee either.  Cold turkey kicking that sH!t to the curb.  I could have been a contender aka prevented this when two years ago I was given the RX of weight bearing exercise.  I gave it two weeks.  And now I am paying the price.

I am going to Google this sH!t tomorrow.  Too tired now.  Also I’m gonna hook my wagon to some health blogs.  Any and all helpful hints are welcome – comments please, they are gold.

The more you know …

As always, more to come.