In Other Words . . . I Might Be an Idiot #SoCS

I’m Not sorry! Big cojones and all. Lol! You guys who work where I work what do you think about this? My favorite part is “I don’t want to put a pin in our dialogue about transforming our talent acquisition as we pursue an out-of-the-box conversation. No, I want to put a pin through your tongue so you’ll never utter such communication malfeasance again.” Just add it’s a journey and we’re golden 🙂

socs-badge-2017-18-e1503097084778“In other words” is a phrase that, now that I think about it, drives me semi-nutty.

Because, “in other words” you couldn’t figure out how to say what the hell it was you wanted to say the first time.

If you do that, just say “let me put it another way.”

Oh. Crap.

I just realized that sounds pretty douchy too.

It’s hard to say what you want to say sometimes.

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J-Dub’s Review of Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

I forgot to snap a pic of the cover and I already dropped the book into the return slot.  Bummer 😦  But that is not what matters anyway.

Paula Hawkins Bestselling Author of The Girl on the Train does it again with her newest novel – Into The Water.  I have so much to say but not wanting to spoil it for others.  Vaguely I will say this book is packed with social commentary.  Small town, family and community dynamics, love juxtaposed against brutal men abusing their power, Lolita meets Salem Witch trials and a mystery until the very end.  If you like who done it with alternating by character name storylines, this book is for you!

Here are a few gems for my common place book:

  • Wife to husband “Honestly, Sean, sometimes I think you live on a different planet.  Sometimes I wish I lived there with you”
  • Jules “I thought how odd it was that parent’s believe they know their children, understand their children. Do they not remember what it was like to be 18 …? Perhaps having children makes you forget being one.  I remember you at 17 … and I am certain that our parents had no idea who we were”
  • Louise “Kindness was her new project.  She hopes it might be gentler on the soul than anger”

Notes I jotted down during the reading:

car park = parking lot

boot = trunk

what the heck is a kipper?

I recommend this book as a good solid choice.  I made it through in three weeks with off and on reading.  Due to the quick by character chapters getting to a stopping place was easy as was picking back up again after a few days in between. Rating: 4.22 out of 5 stars.

As always, come to come.


So I Googled That sH!t

So I Googled That sH!t

And nothing good can come from it.

Statistics don’t lie!  Hard concrete facts!

bull sH!t

The interpreter of those fancy pants numbers certainly can and sometimes will if it fits their agenda to make a sale – monetary or that of a concept.

And in the overwhelming search to be an informed consumer of my own health, I am bogged down in manure.

P.U.  Can you smell that sH!t from where you are too?

What do I do fine people of bloglandia?

Disclaimer – I do not expect you to tell me what to do.  I would never hold anyone accountable if you commented.  However, I do believe old school word of mouth is a time honored resource.  One of many tools in my tool box <eye roll at overused work phrase>

The nurse who called me with the results yesterday needs to go back to school.

I found this:

The femur neck (femoral neck or neck of the femur) is a flattened pyramidal process of bone, connecting the femoral head with the femoral shaft, and forming with the latter a wide angle opening medialward.

I do not osteoporosis in my neck and in my femur! I have it in my left hip!!!!! Cuz the femoral neck connects the femoral head and shaft!!!!!!!!

That’s what the report says now that I am reviewing it in my online portal.  I mean c’mon girly.  Don’t tell me anything if you can’t get it right!  You dolt! <polite way of saying you stupid>

Here I was all worried my head would one day pop off at random!  Or my neck would spontaneously break and I’d be paralyzed.  Anxiety girl strikes again!

This is sorting of helping me today.  Not!

I highly suggest that you do NOT click the video unless you are ready for sleepytime. I apparently am more than ready.  I was BORN READY!  Lol 🙂

As always, more to come.


#SoCS for 2/3/18 ~ In Other Words

Good morning bloglandia!

We are back to regular #SoCS.  Time to let the words flow.  Click here to see the rules and pingbacks.  Check out the sights aka pingbacks.  You’ll be glad you did.

The only rule I follow is 8. have FUN!  Not really because if you look up rule follower in the dictionary, you’ll see me.  Yep! Me … J-Dub.  I follow all the rules.  I am the epitome of rule follower.  How many times can I say rule follower before I’ve said rule follower too much?  Three!  The answer is three!

Time to think, think, think ….

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “in other words.” Use the phrase at least once in your post. Have fun!

In other words …

please be true

in other words

I love you!

Ha! not even close to original. But in true #SoCS style, that is what popped into my brain, creating an earworm.  Oh Happy Saturday!!!  My earworms of the past few days include:

USA for Africa – We Are the World – meeting fun with the Riverwalk Crew

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks – last song on the radio before I entered work on Tuesday or Wednesday

I am mainly known as an 80s baby, rocknroller or metal head … if it’s too loud, you’re too old Chiquita banana. In other words, it may surprise you to know my favorite song is …

Wait for it …

Fly Me To The Moon

From the addled mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty.  You’re welcome.  That’s all folks.  For today anyways.  I am Fin!

As always, more to come.