Late Night Stream of Consciousness

I remember being cold in the winter and hot in the summer

I grew up in an older house

In a time before insulated windows

Or central air/heating

In winter, we used a gas space heater that had to be turned off at night for safety reasons

There was also wall heater

I’d wait for everyone to be in bed

Then I’d scamper to the thermostat and turn it up

I’d take my pillow, sheets and bedspread with some stuffed animals from my bed into the hall

To sleep on the floor in front of that heater

I remember my dad telling me to go back to bed

You’ve got school tomorrow

But I stayed

A mixture of warm blowing air


Fitful interrupted sleep

But some of the best sleep in my life

On that hard linoleum floor

Most of all I felt safe

In my nest

The luckiest girl

In the world

Tonight I can’t sleep

Not sure why

This house is cold

The central heat on 62 down from 65

I’m sitting on a hardwood floor

With my Christmas throw

In front on an electric heater

All I need are my pillow and maybe a stuffed animal

B’s voice deep like my father’s

Why are you on the floor?

Time for bed

You’ve got work tomorrow


I know

I’m fine

Just thinking

Such a peaceful memory

Of a habit from long ago

I can feel my eyes drifting

Like being hypnotized

You’re getting sleepy and sleepier

A yawn escapes

Weight is being lifted

Goodnight all

Sweet memories

Sweeter dreams

As always more to come

Happy Anniversary to Me ~ 2/6/84

Oh happy day!

34 years ago on this day I started working at my first “real” job. You know, as opposed to all the fake jobs I had before. I know … don’t quit my day job.  I so overuse that real and fake bit. But I am easily amused and today is MY special day so sue me.  Wait! Don’t sue me. My money has all been spent.

I was such a baby. Who knew that I’d stay on this long? Especially considering I threatened to quit every other day for the first 6 months.  And we kinda ran wild … me and my coworkers in the output distribution unit. But what do you expect from a bunch of teenagers and an absentee boss? Bootleg whiskey in file cabinets (not mine!).  House shoe Thursday.  Paycheck poker.  Good times I tell ya!  I grew up here!  Cue music and tear drops.

Boy the changes I’ve been through. I could/should write a book. If you stop to think how much technology has changed in the last 34 years, that alone is mind-blowing.  For example, my feature photo circa 1986/87 was taken with a Polaroid.  The card stock spit out blank as we waved it around until the picture started to appear.  Today I used my phone to take a picture of a picture.  Shut the front door!!!!

Anyhoo, I have rambled on enough. A short close to say I can’t think of any place else I’d rather be.  I am in the promised land, living the dream.  Another day in paradise.

As always, more to come.