Misery Loves Company and Other Musings

This morning at the b’crack of dawn we entered GCSA Ambulatory Surgery Center. B was my DD = Designated Driver. We weren’t the first to arrive. A lady in wheelchair with her personal nurse and an elderly couple had taken seats.

The couple was really going at it.

Him: I told you I had time for breakfast!

Her: You don’t care about me?

Then she turned on the receptionist.

Her: We hate HGTV. Where’s the remote?

Receptionist: We selected a nondescript channel here. It’s HGTV or Local channels. That’s it.

Her turning to Him: Ya hear that? Well that’s going on our survey!

Me quietly to B: If I ever act like that stop me.

B: Okay, stop it.

He’s a peach isn’t he? 🍑

The tech that checked me in was not even 30. I feel old but feeling old is fabulous.

There was a sign on the women’s bathroom to see a nurse for a pregnancy test. Apparently all women under going a procedure must rule out pregnancy first. They had signs stating this on the door, each stall, by the mirror, the hand dryer, and water fountains.

Me: Man you’ve got signs everywhere. I don’t need that right?

Nurse barely noticing me: Yes you do

Me: Uh look at my chart

Nurse: Oh, yep you’re good

Lol! No more babies for moi.

They run a tight ship as they say and we started exactly on time! I lost count of all my attendants as they worked like a well oiled machine.

First, the anesthesiologist Dr. S gave me my options. I could choose no sedation. Sacrebleu! Who’d do that? I’ll take the drugs!

Holly came in for IV which I needed no matter what. I asked, what would you do? Sedation or not? As she says, no idea I’ve never had one. Well of course not since she’s a 20 something.

All hooked up, then Rachel wheeled me to the room as I ramble. “Maybe I should’ve asked more questions?” “I’m a researcher, I ‘d research the sH!t out of my options.”

Rachel explained she couldn’t tell me which to choose. She gave some reasons: save on the cost, no insurance or insurance won’t cover that part, no driver, in recovery . And you know for a split second the cost savings spoke to me. 😮

A different anesthesiologist Dr. Ponytail is 30 year member! He was the one who actually gave me the goods. He said he was there to serve me and he’d do what I wanted. Patiently he gave even more detail. Having him attend to me was serendipity.

Then there was Michelle who assisted Dr DMM.

Finally yet a different nurse removed my IV and brought B in to get me from recovery.

I got the all clear! Actually better results than 5 years ago. Cheers 🥂 to no need for a biopsy!

Now I’m forcing myself to stay awake so I’ll sleep good tonight. Before that I’ll have a belated valentines dinner with my sweetie.

As always more to come.

PS. I slipped in several attempts at puns. See if you can find them. Duh 🙄! I know I’m not funny or clever. Just silly and happy 😃

Feature image is my treat to make up for yesterday!!