You Are Really Very Lucky

In the deepest depth of darkness

Where you’ll find me in despair

Searching forever for answers

That shape shift then disappear

To belong in this world to someone

To grow roots and to fit in

Is all I’ve ever wanted

Instead conceived in sin

I blame this darn weather.  I’ve got the winter time blues.  For real y’all.

As always, more to come.

I’ve Got Nothing to Bitch About Cuz I’ve Got Mapu

Yep friends!  That’s correcto mundo.  I’ve got Mapu.

You know how time passes and you get out of touch with someone?  Then out of the blue, when you’re feeling blue, they reach out.  Once again all becomes right with the world. That happened to me today. Thank you Mapu!  You’re a keeper as they say.

Human connection … the best kind.  Even over the internet.  Especially from the Valley of the Sun.

I really was on the ledge.  About to jump.  Figuratively of course.  I was giving if it’s not one thing, it is another thing a run for its’ money. How much crap can a person take? Or how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I am better after this little diversion. I NEEDED this little diversion.  My head is back on straight.  Hopefully for the foreseeable future.

As always, more to come.