The Middle Throwback to 2015

I wrote this preblog days for FB.  On 2/22/15 to be exact.

For the record, I have given up something non-edible for Lent for the last three years and/or added something good.  I have recently changed my stance on sarcasm.  Sarcasm can bring levity to tense, uncomfortable, stressful situations. This year, I am not talking about what I am doing for Lent, I am just doing it!  Anyhoo, without further ado, from the Middle:

For those who watch the Middle, the Sue and Darren storyline is a little familiar.  Except she said no and I said yes 😍

Our conversation while watching the playback went something like this …

B: “Lulu don’t get married in high school “

Lulu: “why not ?”

B: “you need to be independent first. Finish college”

Me: “yeah baby girl wait until the year after high school like me. Or maybe just learn from my mistakes”. 😍

Well I broke my Lenten promise again with sarcasm. When will I ever learn. Because it wasn’t a mistake. Not perfect of course. Perfection is an illusion. Yet it is still sunshine roses and rainbows around here. Laughter truly is the best medicine even when brought on by sarcasm.

Wishing everyone an incredible day. Make it a good one!!!

As always. more to come.

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