Shame on you KSAT

I know it’s nothing major. A minor irritant that you picked 2/6/18 prime time to air a rodeo special instead of the Middle. A show in its final farewell season no less.

Thanks to Dish on demand, I get to see what I missed. Though watching through this gawd awful buffering sucks. Gives me time to add to my common place books though. So there’s that.

Ok! Don’t listen to him. Listen to me! You know how people say life’s too short? Well it’s not. It’s too long. And there’s no fun in it. Before you get sucked into it’s black hole buy yourself something nice. ~ Frankie Heck.

Words to live by. Think 🤔 I’ll buy myself something nice.

Spoiler: Sean leaves gifts 🎁 for Sue that Brick intercepts! I’ve never wanted two fictional characters together more than these two.

Ah. This show can’t end unless that happens!

As always more to come.

Saturday Musings of Mundane Yet Momentous

Exactly two years ago today! Almost to the minute.  I took this quick video.

I hope this video opens. Even if sound only as the bells are the best part!


The video and then this pic was taken on my lunch break back when I walked daily as part of the osteoporosis prevention regime.  As luck would have it, I was able to spur of the moment attend the 12:05 Mass at our beloved San Fernando Cathedral that day. Have I told you that I love my city?  Because I do!!

I say I quit walking because it got hot, I got lazy, and a whole host of other excuses but the sad fact is, I quit walking because of the terrible awful part deux which was to come about a month later.  That is in our rearview and I am determined to live in the moment.  That was then and this is now.  No regrets, no looking back.  Have I convinced you yet?  Because I keep repeating this semi-mantra to convince myself.

The mind is powerful folks, I tell ya.  I completely blocked out the event.  And to think it was recent.  I mean two years is not that long ago.  Time is up to its’ old tricks again.  Warping loop-de-loops.  Which end is up now?

Subliminal, trippy and beautiful bittersweet all at the same time.  A regular mundane day juxtaposed against historical beauty of the cathedral where many have gone for comfort.  I think this is a sign I need to get back there.

As always, more to come.



Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a happy coincidence!

I work for the BEST financial services provider in history!  That’s my opinion and I am sticking with it.  I mean c’mon, 34 years y’all!!!  In the same place.  Look here and here.  #blessedandiknowit #takenothingforgranted #weknowwhatitmeanstoserve

I normally live the dream at the Riverwalk but yesterday I was at WestRidge for a meeting.  My being there was a last minute decision for some relationship building and other such buzz words.  I know, I am fickle about my opinions on corporate-speak.  Buzzwords make me laugh sometimes but usually I am all in!

Anyhoo, get to the point right?  You’re all thinking it.  What is this tale of a happy coincidence even about?

The CEO was at WestRidge.  I heard this when I walked in.  The hum was palpable.  The excitement … he’ll be here!  But just act normal!  As if!  Just go about your day to day business.  Sure!

And of course I did.  As my meeting ended and I said goodbye to K and he pointed me to the stairwell so I could get to 3rd floor and find A.  K said “you know you can take the elevator- Jill” but I replied “I need the stairs! Gotta get those healthy points!”

As I landed on 3 and opened the floor what to my wondering eyes did appear but the CEO himself with his attache.  No one else but the  five of us!

SP: Hi Jill!  as he shook my hand.

He said my name y’all!! Really he did.  He read my name from my badge but I’m pretending he remembered me because I have met him twice before.

Me: Hi S, Hi M.

SP: Have you met DS and (another gentleman whose name I forget because I was starstruck that the CEO was talking to little ole me)?

Me: No, but nice to meet you D, nice to me you too other guy :).

I said his name then but poof, his name was gone.

More handshakes all around!

Me: Well I am off to find property pricing! Nice to almost run into you.  What a happy coincidence!!

And you know I said “almost run into you and happy coincidence” cuz it was … and I was starstruck!  … did I say that already?  Starstruck one last time for the record.  Lol!

And as luck would have it, I walked into the area opposite property pricing.  Momentarily dazed.  And who was there but a former boss TD and former co-leader DM.  I practically fainted at TD’s desk.  This time I got hugs instead of handshakes.  I got to catch up albeit very quickly.  Then I became obnoxious (not, sort of, kinda, maybe) and repeated my encounter to any and all who would listen!  Squeal!

I am still on cloud nine.  Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!  Me? I have time to myself.  Maybe I’ll binge Altered Carbon?

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 2/10/18 ~ Tail/Tale

Good morning everyone! Time once again for #SoCs.  Thank you Linda for the wonderful prompt – tail/tale.  I do think I would like to know more about your new book.  Because of course funny smut is allowed. In the meantime folks lookie here and Vote for Linda’s current book!

Think, think, think

Tail – dogs have tails.  I love my dogs.  Screech.  Halt! Turn around.  My synapses are firing in a different direction.

Tale – story.  Embellished stories.  Tall tales like Paul Bunyan and his Ox Babe or Blue.  Not stopping to find out.  Trying to find my flow instead.

Fairy tales!  Life is not that simple lately. Fairy tales bore me.  Prince Charming wasn’t so charming. And why is the women always subservient in them?  Time’s up.

Seriously.  I tried something different today and set a timer.  Beep, Beep, Beep.

Hurrying to close.

See you next week.  Wednesday to be exact.  Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other ~ Jerry Springer.

Rules and Ping Back. Join us won’t you?

As always, more to come.