#JusJoJan for 1/2/18 ~ Boisterous

Today we have boisterous.  Thanks Dan!

Here are the rules and ping back

And thanks Linda for hosting this barrel of fun!!!

Hmmm, boisterous … I can barely spell it but I can surely feel it.  Along the lines of rambunctious. Ah, I know what I’ll jot about.

Boisterous makes me think of kids.  Specifically little boys like when my sonshine Pony and his friends would have sleep-overs.  Yep, sleep-overs are not just for girls.

After school, on Fridays, they’d ride the bus home together.  I can still picture them, piling out of the bus, backpacks loaded down.  Truding through the field past grandpa’s to our place.  Where they’d camp out in our living room until we drove them home on Sunday evening.

Thinking of those nights, little to no sleep.  Too much Ninja Turtle pizza.  The creativity and imagination.  Running around the house and into the backyard to make home movies on the camcorder.  VHS baby!  Before the infamous DVD.  Pony wanted to be the next Steven Spielberg.  Him directing his friends reminds me of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Definitely a band of merry characters!

And to think, he’ll be 30 this year. Uh oh! How can that be?!???!!

And then my mind jumps to this song, anything BUT boisterous.  Calming actually.  Give it a listen.  I hope you enjoy.

As always, more to come.

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