Barn Style Roof = Portal to Hades

Our neighbor’s house is coming along nicely.  Maybe another month to finish.  It will be very nice once it is done.  That means we will no longer be alone out here in the sticks.  Though I guess, to be fair, we are not alone.  It was just that previously the nearest neighbor was so far away that we could not see their house from ours.

Now we can and it is creepy.  And not for the reasons you think.  They chose a barn style roof over their garage.  All that creepy ass roof needs is triangle window eyes.  Doh! Amityville Horror.

I am sure they are too young to even know about Amityville Horror but their parents should know.  The builder or somebody should’ve told them. Do not select that roof line or you could be summoning Hades.

I just hope the land was not an ancient burial ground.

Doh! No wait that is Poltergeist.

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For 1/28/18

The prompt today is goodbye/farewell.  Thank you Helen!!

I cry EVERY time I hear this song.  Even right now! Yep, I am bawling.

The song is about not getting a chance to say goodbye.  Not a lost romantic love.  A lost friendship.  And I have one of those friends who I ran into by chance this past December.  We were polite and talked for a while.  I think we could have picked right up again but as I left I realized neither one of us asked for the other’s number. But we have memories and I now know our parting was simply life circumstances and not anger.  That is priceless!

All credit goes to P!nk.  The lyrics are contained in the video above.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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#JusJoJan for 1/28/18 ~ Knight

From the Fabulous Linda G. Hill:

Your prompt for January 28th, 2018, brought to you by author Leta Hawk, is “Knight.” Use it any way you’d like in your post. And make sure you visit Leta at her blog, “Hawk’s Happenings,” to read her post and say hi! Here’s her link:

KNIGHT: Sir Elton John is my favorite of all the knights.  He is kicking off a three year farewell tour which includes a stop my hometown on 12/12/18.  Lulu’s birthday is on 12/15/18 so I will not be attending.  Well that and looks like the show may be sold out.  Nothing on Ticketmaster. And yesterday at the beauty parlor one of the ladies was pleased as punch that she already scored her tickets.  Part of me knows I cannot advance plan anything.  “Can’t say baby where I’ll be in a year,”  ala Aerosmith Sweet Emotions!

Lulu turns the big ’21’ and we have been talking about a Vegas trip to celebrate.  God willing.  We wanted it to be a family affair but B and Pony are out.  B because he is a ranch owner and his life will be that of cattle baron with no time for fun and games.  And Pony because of the family curse on B’s side.  He thinks he would flip his switch and max out his credit cards and go down in a blaze of glory. Earworm, thank you Jon Bon Jovi.

Too bad for them.  Girls trip plus 1!

Maybe we should stay at Excalibur and have a knight themed good ole time.  Maybe not.  The thought of going to Vegas with my kid is weird.  Even though she will be a legal adult by then.

Maybe we pick Maryland instead …  To see Edgar Allen Poe’s gravesite and other assorted historical places.  In 6th grade, I randomly picked Maryland and had to make a salt map of it and write a report.  I may still have the report actually.  In 7th grade literature, I memorized the Raven.  I see a theme merging.  Better than throwing a dart at the map and ending up in Minneapolis :).  That was so last July!

Anyhoo, having adult children is surreal.  And don’t get me started on having an almost 30 year old.  Where the hell did the time go? Into a vortex. Suck it!

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