~ Gingerly ~

adverb – in a careful cautious manner
adjective – showing great care or caution

Gingerly is not a new word to me but a word that I am actually experiencing right now!

For the last week, I have been sleeping without the splint protecting my left arm which is healing but not completely closed.  After night one, the pain was tolerable. That was a milestone I forgot to share.  Today marks the beginning of a new milestone where I am supposed to remove my arm from the splint a little at a time for as long as I can tolerate during the day.  I have been setting a timer and driving the family crazy but what else is new? 🙂  lol!

How am I doing this?  well. I am gingerly prancing around with my left arm at a weird angle. I am ever so scared that I will fall again and re-injure myself. And of course since I am nervous, I am chatty.  Go figure.

On 1/3/18, I go back to rehab … of the occupational therapy variety.  I have so many questions that I made a list. I will probably forget the list at home.  That’s my usual MO.

Oh! There goes my timer, beep, beep, beeping.

As always, more to come.


#JusJoJan for 1/1/18 ~ Drama

Ha! I am the Queen comma Drama as my good friend used to say.

Always so dramatic J-Dub, so very over the top.

How do you live that way?

Well let me tell ya folks, it ain’t easy.

I’d like to say I am improving on this point.

To be less dramatic.

To take a chill pill and mellow out.

Cool cats and kittens have the best lives.

Or so it appears.

But one never really knows what lies beneath.

Out damn spot – me as Lady Macbeth.

How’s that for drama?

Ping Back


Out of my head

Into my soul

Trying to find

My way to console

Forgiveness is fleeting

It comes and it goes

All I can do

Is get up again

Reach for the lifelines

Deep from within

Written 1/1/18 by J-Dub.