~ Gingerly ~

adverb – in a careful cautious manner
adjective – showing great care or caution

Gingerly is not a new word to me but a word that I am actually experiencing right now!

For the last week, I have been sleeping without the splint protecting my left arm which is healing but not completely closed.  After night one, the pain was tolerable. That was a milestone I forgot to share.  Today marks the beginning of a new milestone where I am supposed to remove my arm from the splint a little at a time for as long as I can tolerate during the day.  I have been setting a timer and driving the family crazy but what else is new? 🙂  lol!

How am I doing this?  well. I am gingerly prancing around with my left arm at a weird angle. I am ever so scared that I will fall again and re-injure myself. And of course since I am nervous, I am chatty.  Go figure.

On 1/3/18, I go back to rehab … of the occupational therapy variety.  I have so many questions that I made a list. I will probably forget the list at home.  That’s my usual MO.

Oh! There goes my timer, beep, beep, beeping.

As always, more to come.

3 thoughts on “~ Gingerly ~

  1. I get the word of the day email every day, but I haven’t written posts like this. So clever! My left wrist is healing from me breaking it after falling down whilst roller skating in October. I’ll have to read some more to find out how you hurt yourself. Happy healing!

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