I Needed This Laugh

Last time I posted about a show, some hacker attacked me with his comment.  Or her comment.  Not sure of the gender except to say the ne’er-do-well was a robo – spammer for lack of a better way to describe.

I was ready to shut down my blog and go into hiding until a kind friend explained to me how things work.  Trolls!   I simply removed the comment and reported the incident.

Let’s see if this draws him/her out again shall we?

The Middle is one of my favorite shows.  This season is the swan song and I am still laughing out loud at every episode even while I have to admit the time has come to sunset this classic.

Before the end I hope Sean and Sue get together.  I really want them to end with a wedding!!! Tonight’s show with Frankie and Brad trying to be match makers was hysterical.

The back story of Big Mike, the drive with son Mike, Axel and Brick to the tree where he proposed and his being in a dying mood was also funny.  Gotta laugh to keep from crying. So relatable for many.  Big Mike: But I don’t want to be a burden. Yet older we get.  Daily!

I did not get direct quotes since I watched live so I paraphrase some doozies.

Sue: Why are you taking down the tree?  That’s how we know it’s Valentines Day.

Sue: I told my mom about me and Sean!

Brad: Did she give you the typical mom talk?

In unison: You’re lovely and anyone would be lucky to have you.

Brad continued: Uh, my mom said the same thing to me!

Axel: Dad’s side is weird, at least I take more after mom’s side.

Brick: What about me? I think I am more like dad’s side.  What am I gonna do?!!?

Brick to Axel: Dad pretending to drive away while grandpa pretended to be dead really affected me.

Axel to Brick: We don’t have a chance in hell of being normal.

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “I Needed This Laugh

  1. …I find trolls hilarious (the ones that aren’t ENTIRELY crazy at least). You’d think that they’d just go away and not comment if they were so bothered, but nope. If you ever need me to tell anyone off, I’m here. 🙂

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    1. lol! Thanks. It unnerved me at first. Called me all kinds of names but the rant was unrelated to the post. That’s when my kid said the same nasty comment was probably on multiple blogs. I wanted to respond but took the high road. Or road to hell. Either way, I’m staying.


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