Typo Humor

The bill was paid back in September. The notice of past due came yesterday. Sacrebleu!!!

I called. I talked. She listened. Sort of.

Hung up with to-do of mailing front and back of check. Apparently my pay card company works quickly. I came home to this email:

I received the copy of the check and turned it and the balance was adj off and pmnt was found. We are sorry for the incontinence. Thank you for your patience.

Do you spot the typo? What? I didn’t wet myself! 😂


Open for Bidness

Yep, the ice is still here but not as bad and folks we are again open for bidness.

B drove me to work this morning and picked up me this afternoon.  Curb-side service!  I like it!! Though I did have to sort of skate to the front entry as the sidewalk and stairs were full of salt/sand/de-icing.  I just knew I was gonna tumble and break my arm again.  But nope, I made it.


I’ve been asked to use proper english – business J-Dub.  Well duh? That big red underline already showed me bidness is a made up word.

I’m trying to write phonetically … in funny accents … without ANY rules … because guess what? This writing is for fun!  I am not being graded.  This is the opposite of homework!!!

Yipee Ka-YaY


The Middle was good last night.  Brick is the master of the Whoop! And the Repeat Whisper.  That kid is the best I tell ya.  I wish I knew a Brick in real life.  I am going re-watch the episode just for that scene.  Him and Sue hiding behind the door, just peeking out telling Mike/Dad that they are working on the drywall repair. And the two just banter while Mike does the stare.  Stream of consciousness script writing.  Whoa.

As always, more to come.