#JusJoJan for 1/9/18 ~ Coffee

My parents had a pot of coffee going around the clock.  I have no idea how they slept drinking all that caffeine.  I do not remember when they cut back but eventually they went to brewing just one pot a day in the mornings.  Neither added cream or sugar, that was a luxury.

I would drop my Pony boy off with them most weekday mornings as I headed into work.  I was blessed to have them available to watch my child.  I know not everyone is as lucky.  Not once did I take that for granted.  My boy was a very lucky little guy … to have grandparents who thought he hung the moon.  I will never forget those mornings and the cups of coffee. I miss them both dearly.  I will always remember what they did for me. Makes me sad that Lulu was too little to know them in the same way the Pony did.

This posted was brought to you by a sentimental J-Dub inspired by  Barbara’s prompt.

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