My Final Ramble for 1/20/18

I frantically wrote like a cuckoo-puff to see if I could get a message from WP.  No nice notes from them in a while and well, I was wondering if I still had it.  Sure enuf my traffic went up.  Woo hoo!

Mission accomplished! So now what do I do?

Well I went out to play with the pups seeing as I get to do anything I want today. I have not walked them by myself since I broke my arm.  I am still a little leery of getting tangled up on their leashes but boy they want to roam, so we roamed but just around the property and back.  A little jaunt I would say.

Anyhoo, after I got them settled back in and while I was still outside <gasp> I thought I’d take care of some chores that usually belong to B.

Only plants left in the garden are a few pepper plants that I checked on but they are doing ok without me.

Due to our closed for bidness day on 1/16/18, the trash and recycle pickup was delayed from Friday to today.

While I was out there being Peter Piper picking a peck of pickled peppers, I noticed the cans were empty.  Plus the cans were right next to the mailbox which needed to be checked.  Also B’s jobs.

Anyhoo, I sashayed my way down our loooong s-shaped drive in my penguin pjs not a care in the world despite the builders all over the neighbor’s house in various stages of performing their respective crafts.

My land’s that is the longest sentence, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, their house is coming along nicely.  Twice the size as ours but that’s ok.  I am happy for them.  Very exciting.  They are us 18 years ago.  Yep! I had forgotten a most important anniversary – 1/20/00 to 1/20/18.  On this day, we moved into our nest <3.  Boy, if these walls could talk ;).

Happy Saturday y’all.  I am off to wherever the wind blows me 🙂

Sometimes You Wanna Go

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name …

We went out to dinner last night at Casa de Jalisco formerly La Perla formerly Carlos Kelly’s to celebrate the closing on the land.  This places is our Cheers!

After a week and one day of wondering, a nice little compact package arrived in the mail with signed documents out the wazoo making the sale final.  Let the payments begin!  All 180 of them.  And look at us, no spring chickens.

Our first experience closing by mail went off without a hitch.  Well other than our self imposed worrying … over nothing it turns out.  As Jason from the Food Network would say “Thank you Sweet baby Jesus!”

B cried y’all.  I’ll deny I told you this but he did.  He acts all big and tough but he’s human.  Who knew?  I did ❤

I got the usual, cuz ya know this place is our Cheers!  The quesadilla plato (protein of choice).  Last night I chose camarón.  And today I get leftovers.  And yes, I ate at my desk. In case you missed the theme … today is a ME day 🙂

As always, more to come.

Dr. Pepper Ramble

Not sure which day exactly … likely this past Wednesday …

The convo went something like this …

Ring, ring (standard iPhone ringtone that I will change one day)

Me: Hello

B:  Do you wanted anything from the grocery store?

Me: Nope, I’m good

B: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, gotta go

But … I was in the middle of something stressful when he called … so I thought about his question and called him back …

Here’s the convo from about 10 minutes later

Ring, ring (Seek and Destroy ringtone)

B: Hello

Me: Hey, if you have not left the store, I’d like a Dr. Pepper.  Just one 20 oz, not a 12 pack.

B: Are you sure? Remember what you told me?

Me: Yes, I memba and you fulfilled your sponsor duties.  I am sure.  But just one.

At there sits the devil.  In our fridge.  Unopened.  Right next to the milk … and if you believe Marilu Henner, milk is as evil as Dr. Pepper.  Baby babies are not cows she says …

Other contents include:

Yummy pickled okra from our buddy MJ.

The giant jar of pickled jalapenos because the cost savings is too good to beat.  Only lasts about a month.  If Lulu is home even less.  We eat them like candy.

Expired eggnog.  That carton has got to go.

Unsweet tea in case Pony and Wise drop by.

Celery in crisper that will go into chicken and dumplings unless we have birthday dinner Sunday tomorrow instead of next week.

Am I bored? or am I spending my ME day the way I want to? … all apologies – Nirvana is the music on tap at the moment.

As always, more to come.

Random Thoughts ~ 1/20/18

I am taking a ME day.  On a weekend (aren’t all weekends filled with ME days if you do not have to work?) so it hardly counts.  But it DOES count.

Selfish? Perhaps but since being selfish is atypical for me, I will let this slide and not feel guilty. Or is selfish just how I roll?  You decide!

There is a book in my queue about a women who leaves her family behind. Maybe I will bring that to the top of my list.  If I do that, I will become that woman.  Fictional though she may be.  Reading to escape.  Aaaahhhh the elixir of life.  But I am not a reading mood now.  That is further down on my penciled in schedule.

Hmmm! Guilty is my middle name.

I am one J-Dub Mc-Guilty McGillicutty.  Who has to land on a spelling of her pseudonym last name  … tt or dd.  Both work. I have used dd twice and tt six times so tt it is! Now if I can only remember. I know how I will remember. Hehe.  Juvenile!

But I digress.  Belated rabbit hole alert! Nevermind … this entire post is a rabbit hole.

I’ve got nerves that jingle jangle jingle.  Unlike spurs that can hurt.  So I come here to write out all that ails me.

Yet at this very moment, I have never been more content.  Nothing ails me today.  I am however in a reflective mood.  Which I mistake for angst. I am contentedly full of angst  – two sides of the same coin.  Do not be oxymoronic girlie.

Truly this is bliss! A whole day just for me and how I waste (spend) it is my call and I have limitless options.  My music has been blarring since I woke up.  My coffee brewed and sipped and re-heated many times.  Maxwell house … good to the last drop.  Items on my to-do list crossed … I mean checked off.

Aaaahhh this is the stuff that dreams are made of.

As always, more to come.




perspective is on the horizon

From Karyn’s Domain: ” …reminds me how insignificant I am in comparison to ‘the big picture’, therefore, how small my worries are and how much I should appreciate life and what I do with it. The mountains and sky will remain forever, I am here but a short while. ” Just like she read my mind.

#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/20/18

Good morning everyone! Time again for #SoCS and the delightful companion of the month #JusJoJan. Today the prompt is part of a word.  We get to fill in the rest.  Oh goody!

To be specific: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “oc.” Find a word that starts with “oc” and use it in your post. Bonus points if you start and end with your post with an “oc” word. Have fun!

oc or the OC.  I consider this line the first of the post in a veiled attempt to get bonus points.  Now if only I can end properly.

Have I told ya I am a carrot and stick kinda gal?  Well I am.

The OC was a show on Fox or CW formerly the WB or some such nonsense.  I am just making this up and trying to remember as to avoid Mr. Google and let the steam flow baby flow.

90210 was first of the genre … I think … that I will collectively call TEEN DRAMA … now add in a Dawson’s Creek (James Van Der Beek – I don’t want your life! Varsity Blues fame). One Tree Hill.  Maybe even a Gilmore Girls (Hell how would I know? I never saw one episode of that show).  Getting more edgy with My So Called Life and Freaks and Geeks.

Completely unrelated but purely because of the network on which the above shows aired, I think of JP or JA  and get a vile taste in my mouth.  In my opinion, he is the worst and his momma should never have been a teacher.  She was terribly awful to my Pony Boy and others who unfortunately by luck of the draw were placed in her class.

Then I think is this libel?  Surely not as you all have no idea of whom I speak and I added the caveat in my opinion which is just that … opinion NOT stating as fact.  And for all you know, this is fiction.  Right?  Right!  Is a caveat fictionalized account my get outta jail free card?

Now I want to Google (as in verb) Libel/Slander and see for myself what I have gotten myself into.  Freedom of Speech right?  I can say anything I darn well please.

Hmmm, not really … I cannot yell “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater unless of course there is a fire.  Well, technically I can but I am not supposed to. I heard that somewhere before in the freedom of speech debate. Oliver Wendell Holmes if memory serves.  But also if memory serves, he was misquoted and the case was about something else entirely.  Ugh, I remember just enough to be dangerous as the expression goes.

Legal studies fascinate me and I have been toying with the idea of getting a Masters of Legal Studies through Washington University’s online program.  But I really dislike the notion of studying again.  I much prefer to pick up bits and pieces of wonderful mind enriching knowledge by living my life.  Everyday I learn something new. And yeserday I learned this word –


P.S. I have not hit over 500 words in a while.  That was bottled up and felt oh so good to release.  If you would like to feel relief too, join this band of characters and stream.  Here are the Rules and Ping Back