For 1/11/18 ~ Humiliate

Prompt by Jim Adams

What an awful word!  Sorry Jim but really humiliate is right at the top of my list of ugly actions.  I dislike being humiliated and I would never do anything to intentionally humiliate anyone else.  That said I am a smarty smart pants with an acid tongue.  I could let a thought bubble escape that might offend and/or humiliate.  But afterwards I would be mortified. Nope! Not gonna.

Having no feelings whatsoever

Uncle Johnny

Made Sammy cry

Instigating feelings of embarassment

Looking to make himself feel better

In squashing Sammy’s dignity

Albeit to cover his own

Tortured feelings of ridicule and low self-esteem

Etched in his childhood memories

Post by J-Dub

Rules and Ping Back


Don’t Ask The Question If You Don’t Want To Know The Answer

Setting: 15th floor reception area of 12345 Ad Space Towers, Anyplace USA.

Characters: Admin Assistant James and Boss lady Lilly Jones.

James: Good morning Ms. Jones.  Welcome back.  I trust you had a wonderful holiday?

Lilly: Well, actually the time off was anything but wonderful.  How dare you assume it was all fairy tales and snowflakes! Just give me my messages.

The minute the words slipped past her lips, she knew she had hurt him.  Too late for sorry.  Hot seething anger bubbled up.  Why did he always to this?  Bait her! Yet in actuality, he did nothing to cause this most recent snap.  He simply welcomed her back to this place when she’d rather be anywhere else but here.