Remember in September – Daily Post #12 for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Well worth the 5 minute of your time. It’s ok, not to be ok.

My Loud Whispers of Hope

This is an extremely powerful and awesome video. Please watch this video and listen to the words of Kevin Hines who survived his suicide attempt of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge…

He is an awesome speaker and I was very fortunate and blessed to have seen him speak in person. I got to meet him and speak to him. I had some art work exhibited at the event that he was speaking at. He even mentioned that one of his favorite pieces of artwork at the show was mine, most likely because it was titled. “I am not Broken,” and those words are partly in the title of his own book.

I bought his book which was fascinating, interesting, inspirational and well written. It is amazing that he survived his jump and is a true miracle. He was saved by God for sure. I read the book and finished…

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