What A Little Prick!!

Prick … the word is not just slang from across the pond.  In fact, I’m a little pissed 😡 at this moment so prick is my new favorite word.  And ever since I read that people with filthy mouths are more creative, I’ve been swearing like a sailor!   &@$&@@@&!! Such a juxtaposition from my happy smiling self who has turned over a new leaf.   I hate when my human-ness shows.

As always, more to come.

2 thoughts on “What A Little Prick!!

  1. Loved it, just loved it. Yes I remember in the 1960s when I started work in London at the Prudential in Holborn, I would hear the word “you prick” coming from the accounts department and it was not long before I picked it up. Have to say I never uttered the word so that my Irish Catholic Mother would hear, bad enough Confession once a month she would have me down there every day. Thanks for the laugh.

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