Still Relevant

Flipping through channels because there’s nothing on but football. ¬†I landed on a new station Logo 254 on Dish. ¬†Since then I’ve been watching reruns of Roseanne. ¬†An episode from 1993 is still relevant today 23 years later.

Fisher beats the crap out of Jackie then Dan beats the crap out of Fisher.

Rosanne: “you didn’t kill Fisher and then go get chicken did you?”

Dan: “No I got the chicken first”

Reminds me of Billy Bob … he’d be willing to go to jail for us too.

As always, more to come.


I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

Well¬†the realtor called …

She said “it’s a bidding war. ¬†Six people so far have made offers, yours will be seven. ¬†This will go over listing price and I need to know if you are still sure you want in?”

Me “I’m a lover, not a fighter. ¬†We will bow out graciously with poise and little fanfare” Picture it … the princess wave and curtsey. ¬†After all, I had just gotten my hair done :).

Lol! I did NOT say that. ¬†Well the lover, gracious, poise parts … I did say that’d we’d pass.

Dang nabit!! ¬†I knew it was too good to be true. ¬†I thought we had a few things in our favor though … only two bed rooms, most people want more. ¬†Only one bath … again most people want more. ¬†Single car garage … you get the drift right?!??

Bigger is not always better though and I guess we are not the only ones who realize that. Plus the home was in mint condition, the asking price was super reasonable and in a good location. What’s not to love??!? ¬†Remember ūüôā

Anyway, mid-life crisis averted. ¬†On to the next¬†goal. Squirrel that I am, it may not be a house. ¬†That’s the beauty folks, the world is my oyster dang nabit! ¬†“If I have to, I can do anything. ¬†I am strong (strong). I am invincible (invincible) !!! I am J-Dub” ¬†Homage to Helen Reddy. ¬†Rock on wit ur bad selves.

As always, more to come.

I Didn’t Realize¬†

How bad Billy Bob was feeling.  He’s moping around and I just this minute realize it’s opening day.  For the first time in 40 years he’s not out in the brush.  Now it all makes sense.   

I worry about him.  He needs an outlet.  We all do and I have so much right now.  I feel guilty … waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Wishing I could help him.    But alas I realize I have no control.  

If you’re so inclined send good juju his way.  

As always, more to come.  

What’s Not To Love??!?

I am so excited, I am shaking. Yipeeeeee!!!!

It is no secret that I want¬†to move … to downsize … since¬†Billy Bob and I are empty-nesters. ¬†Kind folks have offered me cautionary tales about abruptly moving after my child has just left¬†for college. ¬†They say don’t do it, they say you’re just emotional right now, they say you’ll regret it later and they say Lulu will never forgive me. Who¬†are “they” anyway??? :). ¬†Everyone has an opinion (because I asked for it) but ultimately I am (probably for the first time ever) considering what I would like to do!¬†

Anyway, years ago, I signed up for weekly emails from my employers’ home buying service. ¬†I get links to new listings in a specific area code. ¬†I have always loved real estate and even considered becoming a realtor at one time. ¬†Mainly I¬†just enjoy perusing the different homes and floor plans, thinking about moving …¬†just lazy day – day dreaming.

Thursday night I saw a deal too good to be true. ¬†I looked through the photos, read the description and clicked in the I AM INTERESTED button. ¬†Within 15 minutes I got a call and arranged for a call back between 8-5 the next day. ¬†When I got the call at work yesterday, I was super excited and went spur of the moment for a showing. ¬†This little gem has everything … plantation shutters, chair rails and wainscoting, all Pergo floors, nice yard that backs up to a green belt. ¬†The commute downtown would be about 15 minutes (same as current commute) just coming from opposite side of town. ¬†I just have to ask, ¬†What’s Not To Love??!?!?

Billy Bob is reluctant. ¬†We will see if my powers of persuasion come through.¬†Let the convincing begin ūüôā

As Always, More To Come.