The Perks of Amazon Prime

One of my¬†kids signed me up for Amazon Prime and said it’d be well worth my while.¬† Well that remains to be seen since I am still in the negative having¬†saved only $18.00 so far. ¬†I’ll let you know when I break even. ¬† Frugal woman who I am, I will probably shout from the mountaintops. ¬†Nothing beats a bargain … ¬† a bargain … a bargain …

Any hoo, despite being at a deficit cost wise, there are still some perks I enjoy now.  The first one being free monthly books with Kindle First.  I get to choose from @ six different books, mixed genres in a preview type deal shortly before the books are released.

My November selection was The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland: A Novel by Rebekah Crane.   Categorized as YA contemporary fiction, this story is about a summer camp for wayward kids.  Think Bill Murray & Meatballs.  Cabin-mates by force with little choice but to grow to love each other.  You just know it is love when friends become comfortable enough throw shade.  Sarcastic wit has always brought me joy. Group dynamics and relationships flow along aimlessly just like time on long summer days.  Though the ending was a little unrealistic, even too Pollyana for me, I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this book.  I laughed, I cried, I give it two thumbs up.   In closing, here are two quotes that struck a chord:

Zander when her dad drops her off at camp: “A goodbye is a goodbye whether it is long or not”

Cassie “Sometimes silence is needed the most when life is so full of noise”

As always, more to come.

P.S. The characters had some of the best names/nicknames ever  Z, Cassie, Mads, Bek and Cleve.