I Added Another Category (Parent and Two Kids)

I have a Book Club section on my blog all by its’ lonesome because … well … er, hmmm well … hmmmm.  Well, because books are gold and deserve their own space.  Similarly I thought I should do the same for music because music is the universal language of us, the human race.

Oops, too late.  I added a top level (parent) category and cannot figure out how to delete or re-name.  But then, ah ha!  I figured how to ad sub-categories.  Problem solved.

You see LIFE just got to big for me and I have been filling that space with all my stuff.  Neat freak that I am (oh who am I kidding?) no one the answer is no one J-Dub, you are not a neat freak, your co-workers just have to take one look at your desk.

Okay, take two … Organizer that I am (bingo we have a winner!) without order we’d have chaos.  That’s a joke people, I slay me ;).  Back to task, organizer that I am, I will expand my musings and rambling into categories, glorious categories.  Life’s simple pleasures.

As always, more to come.

If fishes were allowed to swim…

Sharing goodness. Now these are some wise words. My belief in this message is why I got over it quickly when Pony dropped out of college. And the reason why I’m glad when a child decides to pursue a career in the arts. And the reason why standardized testing is effing ridiculous. And the list goes on … Let’s shine on in you own unique way.

Shrey Chheda

Elbert Einstein once said, ” Everybody is a genius. But if you ask a fish to climb a tree, it will lead it’s whole life believing that it is stupid.”

And today, that fish is not just being asked to climb a tree, it is being asked to climb down again and then go for a 5 kilometre sprint too. And you might be wondering whom does the fish refer to?Sadly, that fish today is us, all of us.

Ever since we were born, we were expected to climb trees,i.e excel in school, excel in college, excel at work, etc. But doesn’t anyone understand that fishes aren’t meant to do that. Sure, some may be birds. But what about the rest.

Every person has different strengths, different needs, different interests, different dreams. Some are painters, some are singers, some are good with numbers, some are astounded by the cosmos. But…

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Morning Funny 😂

As I swipe my badge, to enter the turnstiles I  hear …

please step into the door”

How’d I miss that for a year ?!??! I think I’ll pass … doorWAY maybe but not 🚪

As always, more to come.

11/3/65 – 7/2/06

Words to live by … The Dash.

Billy Bob lost his brother … just like I lost mine.  We are part of a club that we do not wish on anyone.  Gone too soon.  Left with a lifetime of memories and fortunately for Billy Bob, those memories are good.  They were best friends with a strong bond and what a better way to honor his brother’s memory than by sharing this poem with others.

Grief has no time limit yet somehow we move on.

As Always, More To Come.