Sit-Com Fun

Speechless is a great new show.  Family dynamics usually draw me in which is why I also love the Middle, the Goldberg’s, Modern Family, Blackish, the Real O’Neal’s, Fresh Off the Boat, and so on.

I was going to create a matching game on TV one-liners but doing so is too hard to format. So here in no particular order are a few lines that made me smile or otherwise struck a cord:

From Speechless:

Ray “I decided to take a year off from women, you know celibacy”

Mom “Oh darling, whatever will the women do?”

From Modern Family

Gloria “Being a parent is like being the model, you learn to live on crumbs”

From The Middle

Mike “Everyone knows there’s only four fun jobs: Baseball player, football player, basketball player and bounty hunter”

Frankie gives a look

Mike “what? bounty hunter is cool!”

Mike to Sue when asking what she should major in …

“I am not trying to scare you but it’s hard living like we do.  What I hope for you kids is that things can be different”

Life imitating art, sort of any way.  Last week’s Jack and Diane, blue collar / white collar episode of Blackish deserves a blog all it’s own.  Powerful message about what we as parent’s want for our kids.  Good stuff!

As always, more to come.