Sharing Cost Savings Strategies

… or sharing my neurosis, you decide. ¬† My mom was a garage sale shopper. ¬†My dad lived through the Great Depression. ¬†Some of their frugal ways rubbed off on me. ¬†Some of my frugal ways are ridiculous.

Here is a perfect example. ¬†My car needs to be inspected. ¬†There is a 7 day grace period. ¬†I used to purposefully wait until the 1st of the following month so that in 12 long years my inspection would be free! ¬†Lol! now if that is not completely ridiculous. ¬†I have never even owned a car for longer than 9 years. Though keeping our vehicles long¬†after they have been paid off is another thing we do to save $$. My car¬†doesn’t need to look pretty, it just has to get me from point A to point B without breaking down.

Today for the first time ever, I got my car inspected before the end of the month when it was due.  I did this because Texas now combines vehicle registration with inspection.  The guy at Express Lube got me in and out.  I am quite certain there was no inspection done but oh well.  I got the paperwork so yippe and I am off!!!

I head to HEB¬†business office with my renewal form, my proof of insurance and my proof of inspection. ¬†Pleasant surprise, the clerk did not need any of it. ¬†I was in the system! ¬†Now that has to save somebody $$ somewhere :). ¬†I also got sugar and dish soap which I forgot yesterday. ¬†Hill country fair brand sugar of course, couldn’t even spring the 40 cents¬†extra for HEB brand and heaven¬†forbid I go $1 more to get Imperial pure cane sugar. ¬†Now that’s an extravagance we can all live without. ¬†Wouldn’t you agree ?? Lawd YES!

As¬†I walk away, registration in hand, I over analyze. ¬†I am bummed that I didn’t bother to find out if the registration has the same grace period. ¬†I’m still twitching :). ¬†I should have done the math! Twitch, twitch, twitch. Ugh!

I’ve got a dozen or more examples. ¬†I have a tendency towards this compulsive behavior. ¬†That’s why I don’t clean my house! ¬†Lol ūüôā Big B squared does. ¬†He can just clean like a normal person. ¬†Me, once I get started, I go deep, looking into nooks and crannies that do not need looking into. ¬†If I wasn’t such a cheapo, I’d buy a Swiffer extender thingy and clean my ceiling fans ala Jason aka OM. ¬†But nope, I’ll stand atop a bar stool and reach with an old sock spritzed with faux Pledge because the name brand Pledge costs too much. Lol! ¬†Can you dig it?!?? ¬†I knew that you could. ¬†Quick – squirrel what movie is that line from?!??! ¬†Obscure, nope … a hit in the late 70s. ¬†Bonus to anyone who guesses. ¬†Three tries. ¬†C’mon, you know you want to guess.

Now come on J-Dub, where is this going? ¬†Nowhere, just musing and rambling. ¬†Like always. ¬†Out of my rabbit hole and back to task. ¬†Nope! ¬†Stop! ¬†All this talk of cleaning has got me going. ¬†I think I am going¬†break out the big guns. ¬†Some of this non-essential stuff is long over due. ¬†Let’s get this cleaning party started.

I hope everyone is enjoying your Monday, November 21, 2016!  I know I sure am!

As always, more to come.