Does anybody ever really know anyone?

while cleaning yesterday, I uncovered one of my journals.  Pre blog private thoughts. I have kept a journal my whole entire life … doing so was a coping mechanism … a way to deal with my innermost demons.  I’ve got quite a few secrets that’s for sure.  We all do.  Does anybody ever really know anyone anyway?

No, no we don’t.  Especially here in the virtual world where we can spin who we are into something more appealing.  Even in “real” life we put our best foot forward taking care to hide any flaws.

My blog so far has been absolutely liberating and I’ve shared so much.  Yet some secrets are left on written paper; I’m not willing to share them in the virtual world.   Those few off limit topics are ones I guess I’ll take to my grave.

And it’s in the secrecy that I am struggling.   Because I  got such a therapeutic relief from sharing it’s almost as if I’m on a high craving that feeling again.   I wonder am I brave enough to reveal who I really am?

As always, more to come.