Andrew Charles Grammer

This youngster sings songs that pull at this old lady’s heart strings.   In no particular order, I rate these songs 8+.  In the spirit of American Bandstand, there’s a good beat and you can dance or sing to them.

Fresh Eyes – for the emptynesters J-Dub and Billy Bob

Good To Be Alive for the college kid living her dream

Keep Your Head Up for Pony and Wise because when I blinked they have made it through and everything has turned out fine.

As always, more to come.




It’s that time of year and the count down is on.  

Billy Bob “so are we going to put the tree 🌲 up this year?”

Me “why are you asking me that?!?”

Billy Bob “just wondering.  Since we put insulation in the attic and moved all the decorations to the barn, it’ll be easier this year ”

Me “ugh, you know Jesus is the reason for the season.  Everything else is just stuff. We should donate our tree to a nursing home”

No I’m not Scrooge.  Or maybe I am. The Scrooge who saw his own grave and repented.  All I know is turning over this new leaf is hard. 

As always more to come.