New Year’s Eve Memories

The following was something I posted on Facebook the evening of 12/31/2014.  My sentiments are much the same today therefore I will recycle.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. While Ryan Seacrest is no Dick Clark, I still love this NYE tradition!!! (2016 insert, yes I still love New Year’s Rocking Eve and I am looking forward to that tonight.  As much as I truly LOVE NYC, I have zero desire to be in a cage somewhere along Times Square with no place to pee.  Watching on the telly is the next best thing.  You say, J-Dub it’s a TV not tellyJ).

We are home, safe and all toasty in flannel pjs. Sweet red wine & way too many snacks. (2016 insert, too warm for flannel pjs but comfy lounge wear is just as good.  I am forgoing the sweet red wine for ginger ale, shocker I know but I’ve a bit of a head cold and ginger ale just sounds better.  Instead of assorted snack type food, later on we are making Pappadeaux Oyster Fondue, copycat recipe.  Out are the egg rolls that have been our staple snack because we just did that on 12/23/16).

This is how the other half lives large. Heartfelt memories of New Year’s Eves past. Missing my brother Jim my constant companion. Mom & Dad always went to the dance at Martinez Hall. So we’d be at home living large just like tonight. (2016 insert, all the same!  I still miss Jimbo Pete.  We always had fun!  I remember one time in particular where our neighbor Mr. Gerald was trying to light his fireworks with a butane torch and almost toasted the entire neighborhood instead.  He was three sheets to the wind no doubt.  It was a bitterly cold winter and he was in a parka, his arsenal spread out on his driveway.  He was sort of weaving around with the lit torch in hand, going from pile of fireworks to pile of fireworks.  Ka-bluhy. Pop, pop, pop!!! Ka-bluhy!!  We watched through the big picture window of our living room.  It was quite the show.  It’s only funny now looking back because no one got hurt. This year I half way thought about getting fireworks. There are several stands all set up along HWY 87.  There are hawkers in yellow vests, flagging people down.  Damn near had an accident they were so distracting.  I passed on by like the curmudgeon I’ve almost become :)) 

Thankful for all our blessings. It’s still rainbows and sunshine here even when it isn’t. Be good, be kind and enjoy the simple things. Happy happy joy joy! (April 2014 was the year Billy Bob had his fall.  He was in a cast until June 2014 and didn’t go back to work until August 2014.  That’s why I made reference to rainbows and sunshine – 2014 sort of sucked for us but there were bright spots too.  2016 is similar, just different examples of so-called rainbows and so-called sunshine.  Anyhow, so be it.  You just have to play the cards you’re dealt.  Wishing everyone a kick ass 2017!!!)

As always, more to come.

Give it a second and things will change

Two days ago as I looked out the window at this rooftop pool there were people swimming and splashing around.  Today not so much.  Only in Texas. 

Waxing philosophical that’s life right? Give it a second and things will change. It’s inevitable.  It’s hopeful too. It means whatever shit storm you’re dealing with right now won’t last.  Hang on dear ones; it gets better! How’s that for motivational? 😂 

As always, more to come.  

Life’s Not Fair

Few months ago I posted about a coworker of Billy Bob’s who was going to prison. A young guy, just a year younger than our Pony.  Life choices got him there no doubt but it’s still a shame. 

He had been doing really good actually and was supposed to get early release a full year and a half ahead of the original sentence.   Billy Bob he said he was a good kid at heart; he just was looking for quick cash and did something stupid.  Poor choices. Lessons learned and Billy Bob was hoping the kid would get a second chance.  

Does anyone deserve a second chance?  In my opinion yes, yes they do!   I know there are people who will tell me otherwise.  Call me a liberal bitch or worse.  After all I live in the great big state of Texas where we hang ’em up from the highest tree.  

Whether you think he deserved it or not, this kid will never get a second chance because unfortunately he’s dead.   He died under suspicious circumstances in a Texas jail. First they said it was a heart attack. Then they came back and said it was respiratory failure. Autopsy is pending. The truth may never be known.  Everyone who knew him is heart broken.  

Today they had a memorial.  His four year-old son kept asking why they were having a birthday party for daddy when daddy wasn’t there.  He would’ve turned 28 on the 19th of January.  Even Big B man had tears in his eyes when he was telling me about the memorial.  How the son was running around … not really understanding … missing his daddy.  I can’t even imagine. Puts my woes into perspective for sure.  

Anyhoo, I’ve got nothing more to ramble on about other than to say:  Hug your loved ones.   Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

As always, more to come. 

J-Dub’s Initial Thoughts on Revival by Stephen King

First I assumed this story would be about revival … as in minister … as in big top tent … and therefore have a religious bent.  As I get through the first few chapters I think that this is heading down the road of Pet Sematary.  Now just hold on a minute! 

Too soon to tell but if that happens I will be pissed. As much as I love the grandmaster SK, it would be a regurgitation of something that was not even really his best work.  In my humble opinion of course … my two cents … worth a half a penny in today’s economy. 😂

Once I’m done, I will write a more comprehensive no spoiler review. 

As always, more to come. 📚 

No Idea Where To Turn 

One article says it’s all my fault. Another article says it’s nobody’s fault.  My guess is the truth lies somewhere in between.  Regardless of fault, I remind myself that I have no control.  I’m trying to deal with conditions I personally cannot change.  Saying “let go and let God” always helped me before.   That’s my mantra for today.  

If you so inclined, I’ll take your kindness and well wishes.  

As always, more to come.  

J-Dub’s Book Review Of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 

I’ve had the book Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman for many months.  I even tried to give it back to Wise before I started reading it.  “No” she said.  “You keep it!  I’d like you to read it.  You’ll like it.  Read it for me”.  Still more months went by but then while on vacation this past week, I decided to relax and how better to relax than to escape with a good book. 

I’m so used to reading on the computer and my Kindle that having an actual hardcopy book in and of itself was a thrill … a tactile experience that I miss.  I kept my notebook with me to write down quotes that moved me as I came upon them and to write down words that I don’t know just like the good old days.  I always had my pocket dictionary at my side as I read.  Kindle has spoiled me with its’ built in dictionary.  Another reason I delayed is that once I start reading, I don’t stop.  I once remarked, “I don’t read books, I inhale them”.  

Anyhoo, that was a rabbit 🐰 hole ramble.  On with the show.  

No spoilers here even though the book is 19 years old and many people have already read it by now.  I want you dear reader to be throughly surprised if you decide to check it out. 

In short, this is the story of a young man, Richard Mayhew a financial analyst at the start of his career. He is moving to London following everything by the book then one day a chance encounter changes his life and he disappears from the world he has always known.  The story that follows is pure richness and depth of characters.  The blending of fact and fantasy in fiction with alternate universes, time travel and magic.  

I give this book two thumbs up or five out of five stars ✨.   Why? An easy read finished in three days.  Took me to another time and place.  The imagery was outstanding.  Here are some of the key takeaways:

1-do we ever really know anyone? The traitor was quite a surprise.

2-is real life all it’s cracked up to be? Often the answer to that is “no”. At times,  people go through the motions and do what they think is expected of them.   I can relate to that … the rule follower that I am.  We grab for status and success and can be disappointed once that’s achieved if the end result is not what we originally imagined.  

3-take risks, break rules, be loyal.  sounds at odds but with loyal friends anything is possible.  Don’t ever doubt that for a moment.

4-people can change.   In fact it’s a given that we all change.  Sadly sometimes we change away from each other.  

I’ll leave you with one quote:

“The Abbot regarded his blindness neither as a blessing nor as a curse, it simply was”

J-Dub “I needed to be more like the Abbot”

As always, more to come.  

Two Buddys and A Spot

The huskie is Buddy.  Our Buddy is looking at the camera.  Spot is checking the other Buddy out.  Neighbor Buddy hasn’t been out in a while because he kept escaping his yard.  Such sweet lil doggies 🐶🐶🐶

Seven Come Eleven

Continuing the events of Funny Math or New Math, Billy Bob hit $13 on last night’s drawing.  Depending on who you ask, his tally is currently $25 + $13 = $38 or $38 – $8 initial investment = $30.  

I suppose he’ll take the actual cash of $38 to buy more scratchers.  This could go on forever.   It’s why the “house” Or great state of Texas always wins!   If only they used the lottery profits to provide all graduating high school seniors with two years of college or trade school.  A girl can dream can’t she?!?!??? 

AnyHoo Merry  Christmas everybody  !!!    🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄My wish for you all is health and happiness 🎉❤️️

As always, more to come.  

Pre-WordPress FB Ramble That Came Up In My Memories Today. Yay!!!

The following occurred 12/23/15 and I posted about it the next day.  Copying here vs. sharing on FB.  I’m reminded that we’re a hot mess with all our medical issues.  The margins were clear on my biopsy and the scar had started to fade.  Fast forward to this year and it’s Billy’s shoulder. Next year who knows?!?  Maybe I should just live for today?!?!?!!!

I’m back on the grid earlier than expected. Still no news on the biopsy so I will just have to wait and find out Monday. I’ve decided to wear something else. My Air Force Academy T-shirt and lucky snowmen socks could stand on their own. And since there is no such thing as LUCK, I’ll just have a little FAITH while I wait.

I call this novella “Spilling your coffee is lucky and sometimes migraines can be good”
Scene: Middle of the Super Target at the Vineyard with Lulu & Wise.  My cell phone rings…

Me: “hello”

B: “How was the 2nd annual <surname> Women Born in December Spa Day?”

Me: “Bliss, we’re in Target now. Are you home?”

B: “Yes, so where are we meeting for supper tonight?”  

Me: “Papoulis by Pony’s, just meet us at his apartment when you are ready. We’ll head over there soon”

B:  “Hey, did you get my dad anything for Christmas yet?”

Me: “Yes, you saw it. Did you get him something else?”

B: “Yep 5 months’ worth of birdseed from Wallman’s. He can go in and pick it up as he needs to refill”

Me: “He’ll love that”

B: “I got myself something for Christmas too”

Me: Fully expecting him to say deer corn and as I roll my eyes I say “Good for you, what’d you get?”

B: “I spilled my coffee this morning and I knew I’d get a migraine without the caffeine. I stopped at the gas station to get coffee and decided to buy a $5 scratch off since I have not done that in years.”

Me: “Nothing says Christmas like lottery tickets” (I am convinced that sarcasm is a learned family trait)

B: “True and I won! Merry Christmas to me.”

Me: “You won, really?!?!? Why am I not surprised, you always used to win. See after your work injuries we must’ve forgotten that you are LUCKY, you’ve always been lucky!!! So how much are you giving to ME?”   

And the answer to that is not monetary, it is more than I deserve. You see every day is Christmas at our household. Lulu asks why Billy and I don’t exchange gifts with each other and I always say because I get my gift every day.  

This year, I think she finally understands what I mean. Cheers to 2015; looking forward to 2016 and a year of firsts.

And now we are rolling into 2017, the year of firsts flashed before my eyes.  Still of the opinion I have more than I deserve.  

As always, more to come.