Sunday Reflections: A Week In Review ~ 1/24/21

I almost wrote 2020. I’m still in the mode where I have to think about what year we’re in. This past week was a doozy. Some good, some bad, some everything in between. But that’s life. AmIRight?!?!?

Now for the roll call. Drum roll puhleese! Rata-tat-tat Rata-tat-tat Rata-tat-tat Ba-dum-tis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the #JusJoJans in da house even the combos with #!linerWeds. and #SoCS

  1. #JusJoJan ~ Check – 1/17/21
  2. #JusJoJan: Wish ~ 1/18/21
  3. #JusJoJan “City” ~ 1/19/21
  4. #JusJoJan & #1linerWeds. 1/20/21
  5. #JusJoJan – “Spell” ~ 1/21/21
  6. #JusJoJan – “Limp” ~ 1/22/21
  7. #JusJoJan & #SoCS ~ 1/23/12 – Doh!  I typo-ed on #JusJoJan & #SoCS taking us back to 2012.  I think I get to correct typos but oh well. I’m letting sleeping dogs lie.  

The miscellaneous prompts are next:

  1. #SLS ~ 1/17/21
  2. Haiku – Frost & Glint I forgot to date my Haiku.  It’s from 1/18/21.  In case you wondered, wonder no more.  hehe 🙂
  3. Share Your World ~ 1/19/21
  4. Go Stand In A Corner written on 1/20/21

One just because … Shenanigans ~ 1/23/21

If my count is correct I wrote 12 posts last week.  Not counting last Sunday’s week in review.  Yeah buddy!  We’re cooking with gas.  Or some such figure of speech. 

We had some tech issues with our ISP creating havoc on our work from home set up which caused a tizzy.  I was thinking I may have to get a dispensation to return to the building.  There’s a pilot going on that could be full but I think if my internet could not be salvaged, I’d get an exception.  Or I’d park outside the library with my laptop and catch their free Wi-fi.  Either that or get let go after almost 37 years!!!  Ugh.  Worst case scenario girl was in full blown panic.  Not sure what my Pony Boy would’ve done but I think his employer might have a similar set up. 

However $500 later, we are back in bidness.  Our own equipment has made all the difference with one day under our belt.  Appears our situation with this unnamed provider is not unique.  In reading the chatter, we saw several other folks with our issue where new modems and routers did the trick.  We got the new router months ago.  A new modem on Wednesday.  I was off Thursday and then Friday was flawless.  Fingers crossed for more flawlessness going forward.

In other news, Lulu’s doctor’s appointment had good results.  We tried not to think about what if but early in the week, it was all we could do.  We expected a repeat of You Don’t Need An Ovary To Have A Puppy.  She has an all clear and a path forward.  More bloodwork on 1/28/21 and another follow-up appointment on 2/3/21.  And we are NOT doing the “what if” dance.  It’s nothing til it’s something.

Now that I’ve blathered enough, I’ll zip it.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.



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