#JusJoJan – “Spell” ~ 1/21/21

The prompt today is spell. Linda has written us a lovely short story. I felt transported away for a bit. If you’d like to join us, here are the rules and ping back.

I wish I could cast a spell to take away all the pain and suffering. I’m barely hanging on. I need to release the hounds but I’m afraid my troubles would appear trivial. Nobody wants a “Debbie Downer”. Keep it light. Laugh a little.

I spent some time in therapy dealing with my “stuff”. I minimize my feelings. My mantra was “It could be worse”. All the while the things were/are pretty crappy. I’m in denial. Until last night when I couldn’t keep it all together. The spell was broken and the flood gates opened. Holy mother of God. I prayed the rosary.

I feel better already just admitting the truth. All is not sunny in the Dub household. It’s not completely dark either. There are glimmers of Hope. That fickle bitch. She cast a spell on us.

As always more to come.

15 thoughts on “#JusJoJan – “Spell” ~ 1/21/21

  1. Im so sorry. I completely empathize. Keep those glimmers glowing. It’s ok to lose it for a bit as long as you remember where to find it again. Sending healing energy and prayers. 🤗

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  2. If your troubles are making you feel this crappy, I can assure you there’s nothing trivial about them. Being able to say “well, it could be worse” doesn’t mean a darn thing: they could be a lot better, too. Letting the dam burst and turning to prayer is a good start, and I’m glad you feel better for having done so. The trick now is to keep doing things that make you feel better. I don’t know you well enough to be able to say “you need to do x,” but I bet there’s someone who does. You’re in my prayers and thoughts…

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    1. Thanks so much John. That’s very kind of you. I very much appreciate your prayers and thoughts. Things are better since I posted this morning. One doctors appointment with good news done. And internet that’s working like a champ. Abating the fear of job loss at least for today.

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  3. :::hug::: Comparing woes is a lousy hobby. What you, what anyone feels, is valid (not gonna get in the weeds and discuss the few invalid situations). Debbie Downers? That’s the label unfeeling people put on others when the labeler’s don’t have the capacity of empathy. (That’s my label for them.) And nothing like a good gully washer of a cry.

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    1. My therapist helped me realize what you say is true. Still I fall back into old patterns sometimes. Thanks for the hugs much appreciated and returned back to you.

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