#JusJoJan “Storm” ~ 1/28/21

Linda is a genius. Loved her story this morning. If you’d like read it, look 👀 here at the rules and ping back. The prompt today is “storm”

There’s a storm ⛈ a brewing. Yeah buddy. All that comes to mind is the movie 🎥 “A Perfect Storm”. A real life story of the Andrea Gail. Starring George Clooney. Who I just saw in a rerun of ER this morning. Since I’m taking the day off, I’m channel surfacing.

I tell ya what, I get anxious 😟 remembering the climatic scene when the rogue wave took them out. Forever lost at sea 🌊.

In peeking at the wiki, Hollywood took liberties with the retelling. Big shocker I know. As if the disaster itself wasn’t big enough; they embellished. The bastards.

Welp that’s my jot this morning. I think I’ll switch from TV 📺 to a book 📖. Wishing you a wonderful day.

As always more to come.