#JusJoJan ~ Check – 1/17/21

Wow that witch is a bitch! I can say that now. Cuz ya know the “History of Swear Words” narrated by Nic Cage on Netflix tells me that bitch is allowed. Once a swear word, now acceptable language? Maybe? I watched the whole series and I cannot remember the specifics of the B word episode. Wait was there a B word episode? Mindless watching at its’ finest. Anywho, check, done and done.

When I think of check, that was the second thing that came to mind, check, done and done. The first thing to come to mind was checkmate! I never learned to play chess. Not smart enough. Or patient enough. I am better tactical not strategic. Chess requires strategy. I think? The game of checkers is more my speed. Get it CHECKers. Ha! I win the bonus points!! Oh wait that was so yesterday. Anyhoo part two … Fin for now.

To join in the fun that is #JusJoJan and to read Linda’s stories and the entries of all the other fine folks, look right HERE for the rules and ping back. And when you’re done, you’re done. CHECK and CHECKMATE!!

As always, more to come.

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