#JusJoJan “Shutter” ~ 1/26/21

Awesome ending to a great story. Peek here to see part 5 with links to parts 1-4 along with the rules and ping back. Whew! That’s a mouthful! Today the prompt is shutter. And I have got nothing.

All I came up with was the novel turned movie 🎥 “Shutter Island” Dennis Lehane is a favorite of mine. His stories are intense. Remember “Mystic River” and “Gone, Baby, Gone”. That’s him too.

I’m able to read again despite a brief hiatus when the Rona first hit. I might dust off one of his works. Though my TBR queue is getting bigger so maybe I’ll grab a book from there.

Decisions, decisions! A great place to be. I shutter … I mean shudder to think what it’d be like if the dam hadn’t broken.

That’s all she wrote. Until tomorrow. As always more to come.

*** Edit made because I am a person, not a window 🙂 ****

Share Your World 🌎 ~ 1/26/21

Melanie has some great questions for us. If you’d like to join in, here are the rules and ping back.


Is it necessary to trust someone you like? (friends, acquaintances or co-workers with whom you have no familial ties) Hmm 🤔 well trust certainly helps but is it necessary? On that I’ll need to ponder a while.

Do you hold grudges? What do you do when someone really irritates you? Not usually. I’m too forgetful to carry a grudge. When really irritated, I rant/release the hounds and to get it out of my system then I forget about it.

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve heard someone say? Paraphrasing the most sensible thing I’ve ever heard is measure twice cut once and that’s applicable to so many things. Akin to practicing the pause.

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength in adults? Neither. Crying is an emotional release. It’s a temporary reaction that isn’t a sign of anything.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (Always Optional)

What small things were you grateful for this week? If I look back on the past 7 days some shit went down. There were still lots of little things that made me grateful. Moments of peace in the crazy. The cherry on top of the sundae was getting a snail mail card from my sister.

Sister turned a painting of our grandma into cards for us. The painting was commissioned for her by a friend who was present when this picture was taken back sometime in the 70s. The friend’s daughter is the artist. Yep. The Polaroid became a painting and now it’s a card. The title is “From Another Time”. My heart ♥️ is full.


As always more to come.