#JusJoJan & #SoCS ~ 1/16/21

First things first can ya dig it? Song lyrics. I’m pretty sure. No time to google it though. Girl has gotta stream. All I remember is “first things first, can ya dig it … whole world something something … can ya dig it?” Or I’m MSU = Making Stuff Up. Yeah buddy.

Linda writes and I rewrite “Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “first thing.” Start your post with the words, “first thing” and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!” To join the fun and/or read the creative works of other participants, here are the rules and ping back.

I don’t really have an ear worm because I cannot remember the words. Bummer. I’m fairly certain it is a song I really liked. Any hoo, moving along.

The first thing I do every morning is make my bed. We aren’t talking hospital corners, bounce a coin off the bed but I do make sure the fitted sheet is secure, straighten the top sheet, arrange the pillows and put the comforter over all. Making my bed has become a ritual.

If I “forget” I make the bed as soon as I remember because there is something about turn down that makes going to bed comforting. Crawling in after a crappy day and snuggling under the covers. Who needs a weighted blanket when we’ve had comforters for years? Same premise only maybe not as heavy.

I didn’t always make my bed. Of course growing up, we did. Mom made sure of that. When I moved out and got my own place, I quit. I mean c’mon. Why? What a waste of time I said. For years, I stopped. Until we had a speaker come talk to us at work. US Navy Admiral William H McRaven. Here is a clip, only six short minutes. We had him for an hour!

After that, I started making my bed each morning. I get teary eyed thinking about his talk. Because days like that, days where we all pile into the auditorium to listen to a speaker are gone. Over. And man we had some of the BEST people come talk to us over my almost 37 year tenure. And with technology those talks can still happen but it’s not the same as in person. All of us together. Strong. Palpable. Like one huge heartbeat. ❤

The last thing I ever could have imagined was a pandemic resulting in our office closure with 90+ percent of our employee base working from home. Surreal. But the last thing I want to do is give Rona any more air time. So I will quit while I’m ahead.

Happy Saturday folks! Hope your weekend is wonderful. #free72 because I am off Monday.

As always, more to come.