Go Stand In A Corner

Go stand in the corner Spectrum internet. Trying something new on this 3rd Wednesday of the month. Thanks John for hosting.

We (Pony and I) have been banished to work from home thanks to Rona. Our ISP is mediocre at best. Problem is they’re a monopoly. We’ve got no choice in providers. The problem is slow uploads and signal drops. Our downloads are off the charts. No issues there. I’m not sure of all the technical terms but Pony is and he does all the negotiating.

I’m able to fumble through using cellular data to dial into meetings while being very judicious with desktop work during times of limited connection. Pony’s set up is different. He’s got his virtual desktop and that’s all. Our respective employers have been accommodating but that’s up to a point. This crap can’t go on forever.

Tonight we had three techs at the house. They ruled out hardware. Their tester thingamajigs show nothing is wrong. They’re gobsmacked. One thought it could be a neighborhood issue. They took off to the main junction. Upon return we were told they’ve put in an overnight work order to remove fuzz from an outside line. Seriously?!?! At least they admit they don’t know if that’ll work. But it’s all they’ve got. Sounds like snake oil bs to me.

Ugh!!!! And as we watch TV, their commercial comes on claiming 99.9% reliability. More snake oil bs. Go stand in the corner you sobs. Stay there until you can guarantee full service for us.


#JusJoJan & #1linerWeds. 1/20/21

Hello folks. Time for another rebel rousing combo: #JusJoJan and #1linerWeds. in da house. Linda started us off with a good one. Look here for the rules and ping back.

Here’s my Wednesday amusement.

Everything is better with bacon!

B got his lab results yesterday. Not what he was hoping for but ah well. This meme sums things up nicely.

As always more to come.