Shenanigans ~ 1/23/21

OMGee! I need a personal assistant to keep track of the nonsense. Fair warning, this post will not make sense and I’ve had way too much coffee today. I’m about to jump outta my skin.

It all began when I came in here to submit an online request for a price quote on an UTV for the place. I noticed over 400 emails as I have let things get outta control. I was able to delete the majority but an AT&T bill caught my eye. The bastards! They charged us for a protection plan that we did NOT order. They seem to sneak things in there. The bastards! Doh! I already said that. I called and cancelled the plan but then noticed we still did not have the credit for the $60 waiver of activation fees. I mean c’mon folks why charge existing customers an activation fee? We are active since the 80s when you were called Cingular!! Now there’s a blast from the past.

They are also charging us $600 each for two new phones that were sold to us for $300 each as a special run during the holidays. To complicate matters even more, one of the phones was only $150 with trade. But that’s how they get ya. Instead of $10 a month and $5 a month for 30 months, we’re charged $20 each for 30 months. Now I may not be the best at ciphering but 20 x 30 = $600 smackaroos. I think they bank on folks not checking their statements to notice such shenanigans. Ugh! So he tells me “not to worry Jill, in 3 cycles you will see the credits”. Screw that noise!! My new favorite saying borrowed from John :). Actually I may claim the saying and never give it back. Too much noise to be screwed around these parts!! ;).

Oh and I am not even close to being done yet.

The next email that caused me to flip my lid was from Aetna. We’ve been in need of “services”. All of us are off the charts I tell ya what!!

Lulu saw someone who required payment at time of service rendered and the email confirmed that they were also paid by Aetna. Since we used our health card, Aetna will take care of getting credit. But for my visit, I also paid at the time service was rendered. I didn’t use our health card because I only put so much money on it each pay day. I am on my own to get reimbursed. More shenanigans!!

And come to find out since both were tele-med visits, my fantastic employer extended $0 out of pocket which began with the Rona in March 2020 to this coming June at least. The sweet girl from Aetna, Miriam, told me the providers will need to resubmit with the code to get the tele-med deal. Well deal for us but not for them. At least I imagine.

The only one done right was B’s since his was an actual in office visit. No tele-med discount for him. Shockingly his payment was exactly correct. First time for everything since they are the ones that usually mess things up.

And don’t get me started on the RX shenanigans. CVS denying certain dosages. Fuck me, you bastards.

Now I’m done. I wore myself out. Yeah buddy.

As always, more to come.


#JusJoJan & #SoCS ~ 1/23/12

First things first can ya dig it? That was so last week. Hehe :). Before I begin, Happy Birthday to B! He says it’s no big deal but to us this day is special. Cheers to a wonderful day and even better 2021!!

Now on with the prompts. Linda writes and I rewrite: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “close eyes and point.” When you’re ready to write your post, open a book, a newspaper, or whatever is handy and close your eyes and point. Whatever word or picture your finger lands on, make that the basis of your SoCS/JusJoJan post. Enjoy!

To join in, here are the rules and ping back.

Hmmm. Games. We haven’t taken the newspaper in at least 10 years. There are no books in this room. I guess we’ll see whatever is handy. I’m at my desktop because my iPad and iPhone no longer provide full functionality on WP. The happiness folks are not happy. They haven’t a clue why I cannot like and comment on some posts but not others. But this is not about that.

Moving on …

Eyes closed then bazinga. The shelf to my left is now my feature image. I have not one but several things to spin a yarn about though if truth be told, my finger landed on the shell from dad’s 21 gun salute. Pony was a pallbearer and he got to keep one of the shells. He was only 18 and not too responsible which is why I held onto it for him. One of these days I will return the shell to its’ rightful owner.

There is also a pair of cufflinks that were dad’s and a miniature of the USS Copahee. He was the head cook for that ship during his time in the Navy. The blue Texas with San Antonio on it was his name tag for St. MM’s Men’s Club.

Unrelated to dad, I have the I voted sticker from several elections back. Not sure where I put the sticker from this election but it was all special with the presidential seal.

The perpetual calendar was something I bought when Lulu was selling stuff at school and we purchased because I very much dislike selling. I did what I always did. I bought enough to meet the quota so she wasn’t left out of the prize. She never sold the most but we participated. Fundraisers!! What a racket!! Glad those days are past. I keep this calendar set to 9/11 … always … so I #neverforget.

There is also a miniature carved elephant all the way from India. A coworker brought us all one when they returned home after their rotation in Pune. Did I ever tell ya I had the chance to go to India? We all did. Put our names in the hat to be site manager for 90 days when we first established the clean room over there. I missed my chance but I was still glad for those who got picked.

Next to Mister Elephant is a horse. I know he’s hard to see. That comes from Jane. She gave him to me the day I stopped being her manager. Gifts no matter how small are not allowed. When I was leaving and she changed reporting managers she said “we can be friends again so here you go”. Leaving management was one of the best things I ever did. I had to try being el jefe of course. Six 1/2 years was enough to last me a lifetime. Now I only have to worry about ME 🙂

Last but not least is a Donald Duck off a keychain I purchased as a souvenir from our one and only trip to Disney World in 2014. What a wonderful memory <3. As a kid Donald was my favorite. I can just hear him squawking as he drops the ice cream from his cone to his foot. FASTPASS!!! I heard annual passes have been discontinued thanks to the Rona. No telling if things will ever be the same again. What a shame! Guess we’ll need something new to replace things.

And that’s all she wrote. For now. Hope your Saturday is smooth sailing.

As always, more to come.