#JusJoJan ~ 1/15/21

Well for today’s jot the prompt is button. Such a coincidence that Linda the mind reader is peeking into my real life. To join in, click on the Rules and Ping Back

Today I received a letter from Buick connected by OnStar. They said because I traded or sold my vehicle, that my account has been canceled. I called to inquire as I am never going to sell or trader this vehicle. I don’t drive much anymore so I’m going to keep this car till my dying day.

I was told to walk out to the car and press the blue Onstar button twice. Which I did. However that did nothing. We did a 40 second recycle and still nothing. The sweet rep told me it was a hardware issue and I should take my car to the nearest GM dealer. Piss on that. Or “screw that noise” channeling my inner John Holton.

And that’s all she jotted for today.

As always more to come