#JusJoJan & #SoCS ~ 1/2/21

Happy first Saturday of 2021. Today we should all play the lottery with a palindrome date like 1/2/21. We’d all be winners.

Linda writes and I rewrite “Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in the corner.” Write about whatever the image or thought of “in the corner” brings to mind. Have fun!” To join in the festivities, here are the rules and ping back.

Well alrighty then. Let’s get going.

“NOBODY puts Baby in a corner!”

Classic line from Dirty Dancing. That was my first thought bubble and it stuck. When the movie first came out, I wasn’t a fan but after repeated viewings I came around. And I always loved Patrick Swayze and Jerry Orbach.

Jerry Orbach (may he Rest in Peace) was an American actor & singer first making it big on Broadway. He was named Jerome btw. He play Lenny on Law and Order. My Uncle Jerry was also a Jerome. I really like that name. Jerome. Though I think I’d use the nickname Romey. How cool is that! Just like Jeremy being called Remy. Not to be confused with Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame. Lenny, Lemmy, Romey, Remy stop the madness.

In case you were curious. I always had a thing for nicknames. And this is stream by golly. The mind wants what the mind wants. Or something like that.

When my dad passed away, I got up to speak at his rosary. I didn’t speak with my mom died or when my brother died and I always regretted that. And in a time of no regrets, I got up there to share in February of 2007. And fortunately, my homage was captured on a CD. And I am getting to how this relates to “in the corner”. Well kind of.

I spoke of how my brothers and I would run to the window when we heard dads truck rumbling up the driveway after he got off work. Dad was our universe. I mentioned our trip to CA when Pony was 10 months old. Every morning of that trip dad got up and pushed Pony in his stroller around the block. How I got a little jealous that Pony started to prefer his Grandpa’s company to mine.

But then as I thought about it. Thought really hard. I was at peace. There was no place for jealousy. And I was grateful since I knew my boy would have his Grandpa in his corner no matter what! Unconditionally. And then I realized dad felt the same way about all of us. His heart had more than enough room for all of us to be that special in his eyes.

Damn. My miss my daddy. But the she that is me is outta stream for today. Happy Saturday folks. Make it a good one.

As always, more to come.