#JusJoJan: Wish ~ 1/18/21

Time for #JusJoJan. Today the prompt is “wish”. To join in or see the other entries, here are the rules and ping back .

If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Or so “they” whoever they are say. But what’s that even mean?

It means wishing isn’t enough. Wishing without action is like pissing in the wind. Not that I’ve ever pissed in the wind. But you get the drift.

I wish we could get through to make appointments for the Covid 19 vaccine. All four of us “qualify” for the 1B group. All six of us if you include Bs parents.

We began calling the scheduler number at 9 on Saturday. Over 300 calls each on three different phones and never got through. We assumed they were closed on Sunday but not the case. A co-worker got through. She posted her method on FB. She called before 8 when they opened. She kept redialing until they answered around 10 minutes after. She happily waited on hold 40 minutes to be scheduled.

Lulu and I were inspired and tried that method this morning. We were encouraged after getting a message of “we’re closed, call back during operating hours”. This was a step up from the redialing busy signal we experienced on Saturday. We kept trying until 9. No luck. Wishes unfulfilled. Boo hoo for us.

The phone line is open 8 to 8. We’ll pick a random time later today to try again. We’re going to change up our method of calling until eventually we have to get through. That’s not wishing without action. That’s self fulfilling prophecy. Ha! So saith the soothsayers.

My dear friend joked that only one of us should call. She says we’re clogging up the phone lines and canceling each other out along with millions of other San Antonians. Doh! Maybe she’s onto something. Anyway, wish us luck!

As always more to come.

15 thoughts on “#JusJoJan: Wish ~ 1/18/21

  1. Wishing you luck Jilly, we are not allowed to call to book appointments here in the UK. We all have to wait patiently until we are called …. So we wait in hope hubby will be before me because he is in the 70s and over group which is up and running this week. The 80s and 90s and NHS and Health workers done. Stay safe Jilly.💜💜

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    1. Thanks Willow! I like your method better. Knowing groups are done and there is a process to be notified has to be a good feeling. Over here, it is a free for all.


    1. They have a big banner across the website. No in person scheduling. They’ve got enough crowds to contend with getting those that are scheduled through. Though at another site on the first day ppl just showed up and refused to leave. I’m not there yet though. Will keep playing the telephone game.


      1. It all depends. The Pfizer vaccine at the Alamodome is Internet/website only. The Modera vaccine through Well Med is phone only If we’re lucky we’ll get in one of these days.


      2. I’m hearing bad things about the Pfizer vaccine, that 29 people in Norway died after having it. Granted, they were in a nursing home, but still, I’m not taking chances…

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