For the first time in forever I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reading.  Not that the book is the greatest I’ve ever read but the story was engaging enough.  Though part of me just needed the distraction … to escape.  I was on a mission that failed.

My dreams were influenced by what I read and when I woke, I could not tell fantasy from non-fiction.  Was the most surreal feeling.  Ugh I hate this.  Ugh I blame the weather. Or the quesadillas.  Dinner last night was not my friend.

I’m struggling with that again.  I’m confused by all the info.  Talk about your overload. To Keto or not to Keto that is the question. Among all others.  I’m hurting, lost, and falling back to bad patterns. Just tell me what to do and I will do it.  This figuring out what’s right for me is for the birds.  I need a meal plan and a sustainable lifestyle chain.

As always more to come.


8 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. The formula is pretty basic – if you’ve spare time there’s a free kindle book called ‘the obesity code’. I wasn’t obese – but I was getting there, I was chronically exhausted, and my everything hurt. I found that book the best explanation of how the body works and why and how to fix it. My blood sugar is where it belongs, my blood pressure is normal now, and the chronic mystery pains have pretty much disappeared. The book is a little long winded/dry in places – but well worth the read.

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  2. Keto works – but it’s tough to maintain long term. I stuck with it for several months….but finally changed it to allow some things. I got tired of raging because I was hungry. And yes – you can get sick of steak. Ultimately I now do ‘all things in moderation’ …… (however we eat zero processed food). The smartest thing I did for myself in the end was join a CrossFit gym. Cardio twice a week, weights twice a week. Because I paid for a year I make myself go. I feel a hundred times better than I did avoiding carbs and scrambling up more eggs. My kryptonite: dark chocolate. My bad habit: no portion control. But I’m learning.

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  3. My daughter and I just started Keto and my son has been on it for a few months now. He’s lost about 30 pounds and although tomorrow will be my official one week weigh in, as of today I’ve lost 5 pounds. It is very helpful that my daughter and I are doing it together. We got a couple of the books on Keto eating and planned our meals for the week. We went grocery shopping yesterday and today we will prep some of the meals for next week. Each night we have a glass of Powerade to celebrate making it through one more day. I struggle mentally with eating full fat anything since I’ve always been overweight and always gravitated to low fat/low sugar things and I’ve had some success with both Weight Watchers and Hungry-Girl but I can’t sustain it – especially since my husband, although he would benefit from it, refuses to give up his bread and potatoes. I get “guilty wife” feelings if I am not planning/eating the same foods as him even though honestly, he’s an adult and can fix his own food. I am totally not ready yet for A to Z but hopefully I’ll get my studio together in time to wing it!

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    1. This is great feedback. I think it helps to have others on the same plan. I feel guilty too. No bueno. But when left with overwhelming choices, not doing anything is my go to coping. We’re all stuck in a rut here.

      Re: A to Z maybe winging it will bring out the best. I’m burnt out on planning.

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  4. Also am being pulled toward keto. Hard to decide.
    There are words for the states between awake and falling asleep, and between sleeping and waking up. But I am saving them for my A-to-Z stuff which gets revealed tomorrow on Dispassionate Doubt blog site. 🙂

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