Sharing the Music

That’s my uncle. 87 years young. First place 🥇 over 65 senior division. Hallettsville Texas Fiddlers Frolic.


Levity During Date Day

Who takes a book 📖 to a movie 🎥? Is that like taking a knife 🔪 to a gunfight? Thank you Kindle app.

Reading is what one does when arriving an hour before a no reserve seating of the Avengers Endgame. Or you can play solitaire on your phone too. We can’t talk to each other. We were already shushed. Why I never. 😆

As always more to come.

Sunday Morning Musings

I have been thinking a lot.  Shocker I know.  But way back when I had some pretty cool ways of adapting.  Tips and tricks that I’d use to make it through the day.  I did not even realize I was coping.  I thought everybody must feel this way.  But they don’t … of that I am sure.  However what I’ve found is there are more like me than I first imagined.  I am not at all that unique.  We are empaths, introverts, and the like.

Yet somewhere along the way an overwhelming “I can’t do this anymore” takes over.  Then comes the time to just sit in the sadness or angst or mess … whatever you want to call it.  To accept the things I cannot change.  To experience what I tried ever so adeptly to avoid.  Only then can I get over it and onto the next crisis.

Each time that happened I made it through the fog.  Reaffirms I can do it again if I have  to.  And like that I am centered.  Momentary calm and peace.  Now off to date day with my honey.

As always, more to come.

X is for XTC ~ #AtoZChallenge

Not a clue for X so I Googled it and got XTC.  New to me song – Dear God.  This brought out some bad reactions due to the anti-religious message.  The song was on the Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtrack.  We all know what dark subject matter that was.  I will never look at Rose from Three and a Half Men the same way again.  Here’s the wiki.


As always, more to come

#SoCS for 4/27/19 ~ xp

Howdy y’all.  Happy Saturday!  Time once again for #SoCS.  Our lovely host, Linda G Hill gives us the following:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “xp.” Use it as a word, or find a word with “xp”in it. As always, use any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Hmmmm.  Think, think, and think some more.


Is that the same as 😛 ?


Could be?

“Mayhaps it is” said in what I imagine to be the voice of Mother Abigail Freemantle or the famous Ruby Dee who played her on TV.

Forgive me but this is stream and that’s were what’s left of my mind flowed.

Speaking of movies.

Wait!  We were not speaking of movies.  The prompt is xp.

The only XP I know of is the operating system variety and we ALL know how much I know about Windows XP or operating systems in general said me in my sarcastic Jilly thinks she is SO funny voice.  Windows XP has supposedly gone the way of the dinosaurs.  And TBH, “I know nothing” said in my Sgt. Schultz voice.

Is a theme percolating here “in my … voice” or is this just nada?

No this post is about algo!!!  Or something for my readers who do not speak Spanish.

I always wanted to learned another language.  And in the “it is never too late or one is never too old sentiment” I may just try.  My father was multi-lingual.  His native tongue was Czech.  He did not learn English until he was seven years old and started attending the Novarad school in Fayette county TX.  He also spoke Polish, German and Spanish.  I used to love listening to him talk to Grandma J speak Czech to one another.

I’d pretend I could speak Czech too – making up words.  I was NOT mocking.  It was a genuine LOVE.

The true extent of what I knew:

  • Jak Se Mas? (How are you doing?),
  • Dobře a jak ty (Fine and you?)
  • veselé Vánoce (Merry Christmas) 
  • babička (grandma),
  • tatinek (daddy) 
  • maminka (mommy)

I may have also known how to say kiss my ass! políbit můj zadek!! Or not.  lol

I vividly remember dad singing the this little piggies nursery rhyme to little one year old Pony Boy –  wicheka, wicheka, wicheka all the way home.  I found this on Google translator.

oto malé prase šlo na trh.Toto malé prase zůstalo doma.Toto malé prase mělo hovězí pečeně.Toto malé prase nemělo.Toto malé prase vykřiklo "Wee, wee, wee, wee!"Po celou cestu domů.

And the picture/memory became more clear.  Dang the water works.

Get a grip and give em something funny.  Close strong girly.

Oh ya.  Once tatinek overheard some people talking while assuming he wouldn’t know what they were saying.  When he responded with the directions to the strip club by the airport, they were embarrassed.  Yes he had understood correctly.  He said “but what did I care, they looked to be of age”  Oh my!  how’s that for explicit?

Now if you’d like to join this band of xp prompt respondents or read their works extraordinaire, look here for the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.